Wednesday, September 12, 2012

'Poison' Mini Album Secret Review

Secret is back!!! YAY!! It's been a year since their last come back and although it wasn't as popular as 'Shy Boy' it was a good come back. Now, the girls have returned with their sexy image again and boy is it sexy!!

Telepathy: I find it interesting that they started the album off with this instead of something more upbeat, but   still, it's good! Acoustic, soft, cute sounding about love, nothing interesting here but it's got a good back in the day sound sort of. Great.

Poison: Awwwwww yea!!!! Once again, we are bringing the 80's back by having the saxophone as the main sound in the song! It has a recurring theme, a jazz 50's sound, kinda reminiscent of the 'Madonna' and 'Magic' era in my opinion. It's like they haven't left that time period with any of their songs. 'Magic', 'Madonna', and 'Love is Move' has that 40's and 50's sound to it. I love it, but it's too predictable especially for Secret. The song is really good and catchy, typical, their voices are good, I love Zinger's rap, Jieun's jazzy ad libs, great song. Love it!!

The video is really good, I understood it very clearly. They're robbers and use their sex appeal to get off and what not. And they use the poison just like in the song. The dance is verrrrrrrryy sexy, so many crotch shots lol. Overall, I love it, I love them, great video!! However, once again, it has the same element like in 'Madonna' and 'Magic' however this very has a "storyline" and that's a plus! Good video!!
Oh I hate the circle lenses or fake contacts or whatever, it's getting really redundant in kpop music videos, just STOP.
Falling in Love: Ohhh very sensual sounding at the beginning. It has an old school r&b/pop vibe, quite old school, it's amazing. However, the song doesn't have that much substance to me but it's really good nonetheless.
Calling U: I found it interesting with the flute hahaha, very sensual again, I like it. Nice and chill, pop kind of old school sounding also. I like it, very chill and sensual haha.
1,2,3: I don't understand the lyrics hahaha, "Do you wanna love with me?" It starts out kinda early 2000 pop sounding, then goes into kpop cutesy territory, like it could easily pass off as the just debuted SNSD...there's not much here except at the bridge. I enjoyed that, everything is...else...

Overall, 'Poison' is the strongest out of all the songs on the album. Another typical sounding Secret sound in terms of the album as a whole. They haven't improved in terms of sound so I'm thinking that they will stay in this pop vibe forever and not grow musically...however the album is consistent. I get the throwback, sexy theme. They are grown women now. Werk it.


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