Thursday, September 20, 2012

'Stop Girl' U-KISS 7th Mini Album Review

U-KISS is back, once again this year...and once again they picked the wrong time to come out with a song or album. Like this is their 3rd time doing promotions...I don't know what it is but why can't they get recognition?!! Apart from constantly choosing the WRONG TIMES for a comeback, why can't they win ANYTHING. This is their 7th mini album!! THEIR 7TH!!! They've been in the game too long not to have won anything. Adding the 2 new members clearly hasn't changed anything, I'm still salty about Alexander leaving...
IMMA NEW THANG(intro): Ghetto. Why. No purpose.
Stop Girl: Their promotional song and honestly, it's not bad. I like that they are trying the r&b route this time since ballads and pop songs won't get them anywhere. However, I don't really think this is a good song to promote with but whatever. Plus they are going up against G-dragon, Orange Caramel, and Secret. Those are heavy-weight champions, ESPECIALLY G-dragon, they don't have a chance. BUT I do like the song, seriously. Eli sounds like a legit rapper now, he has improved sooo much. I loved his rap. Everyone else sounds the same, no improvement there. Nothing special about anything or anyone this time around. Great song though.

Music video is really simple, nothing special. OH, Dongho looks a hot mess. G-dragon didn't need to do the seaweed long weave thing. Therefore, there's no reason for Dongho to do it with short hair. It's retarded.
Time to Go: More clocks this time lol, I thoroughly enjoyed Tick Tack, but what is it with them and time lol?? But the song isn't bad. It's midtempo, r&b/pop not bad. I like their harmonizations on this album.
Remember: A ballad and apparently it's just Soohyun and Kevin?? I don't know...they sound great though.
Sexy Baby: More upbeat this time, pop, synths, and other sounds. Not what I was expecting but the song is pretty basic however I like how the instrumental is when they sing the chorus. 
Stop Girl English Version: Lmao was it really needed?? I remember last year when they said they were gonna try and make it in the Their English isn't bad, I mean 3 out of the 7 can speak English fluently, but I'm gonna need for everyone else to step up their game. But it's not bad.
Stop Girl Instrumental: My jam. I actually really like the song now.

Overall: This isn't a bad album, I like all of the songs to be honest but Stop Girl is clearly the best choice to promote with. I think the reason why they don't get much recognition is because they don't really stand out to me. With the constant influx of boy groups, they don't set themselves apart. Sure they been out for a really long time, and I know all of the members names, but their music just isn't much of an improvement. I really enjoy Man Man Ah ni, Bingle, Neverland, and Tick Tack(JAP ver) but it's nothing different. They should've at least won with Bingle or Neverland...Their main problem is that they promote at the wrong times. Their best song in my opinion is Tick Tack(jap ver). It's flawless all the way through.
I hope they win something some day, I feel so bad lol.
Great mini album, just nothing overwhelmingly special to set them apart from everyone else promoting now.

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