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TVXQ 'Catch Me' Album Review

TVXQ(as 2) are unexpectedly, but still highly anticipated, are back once again after a year since 'Keep Your Head Down' in 2011. That last album was realllllllllly good, I was impressed with the producers, it sounds like they are still improving vocally even though they already have the best vocals in the world, with or without JYJ. Anyways, their comeback is out of the blue, I wasn't expecting it, but it's here. And SM only gave us like a week to prepare...Welp, here it is!!

Catch Me: This is the lead single and to be's disappointing. Here's why: I like how it starts, I like the verses, Changmin sounds AMAZING, I don't understand how he can get any better when he is already just an amazing vocalist. But anyways, I don't like the dubstep at all. I don't like the electronic sound at all. However, during their verses, I enjoy the instrumental. I can hear the vocals nice and clear, the instrumental isn't overbearing during the chorus, but when the dubstep break comes in, it's annoying, it doesn't fit their sound. I would rather hear their voices, not that annoying dubstep. It's nice that Korea likes to hop on the current movement, however, it's becoming too much. The song is mediocre, not what I would expect coming from them at all. It's lackluster, but their voices are GREATTTTTTTTTTT. I love Changmin's voice, and Yunho sounds great too. I just don't care for all that dubstep. It was great without it. Sorry.

The video is awessssssommmme. Seriously. The choreography is AMAZING, the visuals are AMAZING, the effects are a plus. Good job SM! Normally, I hate the stupid sound effects SM uses in every freaking video, however, the sounds actually compliment the song well. AMAZING~~~
Viva: Ayyyyeeeee, I started twerking at the beginning!!! I didn't think that was them, ZAYMMMM. Whoever it was that was talking sounded sexy as hell, I thought it was someone black for a second. But then that moment passed and it went to the chorus....with...more...dubstep. However, I admit this wasn't as overbearing. But damn, whoever is saying that "Ay, ok" is sexy. Is that Changmin??? Yunho??? Tell me lol. I like the chorus, and the song overall, it's good. The dubstep worked with their voices this time. LOVE it. You got twerking beats, and then the electronic section. I would've preferred more of that hip hop sound though. I've listened to it like 3 times already...
Destiny: OOOOOOOOOhhhwee they slow it down here...another baby-making song! I loved it when they did R&b with 'Before You Go' last year because their voices are amazing. They sound great!! It's got an old school r&b vibe to it. It's great!!!!!!!

Like a Soap: More upbeat, and pop sounding and refreshing lol. I still can't get over the title, like what is 'like a soap'? It should 'it's refreshing like soap or like a soap bar' lmao. Anyways, it's nice and uplifting. It kind of reminds of the soundtrack from 'Shut Up Flower Boy Band' like I got memories from that drama lol. But yea it's a good song. Nothing too special about it...just a great filler.
I Don't Know Korean Version: I loved the Japanese version when it came out last summer. Seriously. I loved it. Seriously lol. I listened to it all the time. It's hard for me to review how the sound is because I've listened to it 50 million times. It seems like they had a rough time translating it to Korean because I hear a few words from the Japanese version. But other than that they sound good, except for some things here and there...I prefer the Japanese version. I can't review this song hahaha.
Dream: Slow it back down, but more midtempo. It's rock/pop, it's fun and uplifting, like the end for a drama, or rather it's perfect for To the Beautiful You soundtrack hahaha. They sound cute, it's nice. They have such perfect voices, they are able to be extremely versatile for any genre. Especially Changmin.And it seems that Yunho is improving in his vocals too!

How Are You: A ballad, it's very chill, soothing. The guitar and piano and their voices are perfect. Very soothing!! The falsettos are great!! Very soothing hahaha
Getaway: Now we definitely go into rock territory here. Like Changmin yelling at me and Yunho rapping, it sounds awesome. Changmin's screams, like this is great!!!!!!!!!Quite hardcore for them hahaha. I kind of wish they had infuse some of the fun-ness in 'Dream' because I like badass/fun with them. It's very redundant in this song, however I like it alot! However, I can't take them seriously with this type of genre, rock doesn't suit everyone. Like when Changmin does the high notes and sounds gruff, it works. But the rapping is kind of awkward, hahaha it's very different for them. Then when it gets to the bridge, Changmin sounds ridiculously amazing. That high note is DAYM. Ugh, I wish I had his voice and Junsu's and I would be perfect. He's amazing.

I Swear: We tone it wayyyyyyyy down compared to that last song lol. It's a ballad and they start off calm and soft like how it was in 'How Are You'. They sound great as usual. But I'm missing the 5 harmonies from all 5 of them. Hearing their ballads makes me miss DBSK...but still, they sound great.
Gorgeous: We kick things back off hear. There are violins, synths, electronics, an electric guitar, it's alot but it sounds realllllly great. I love it. HOWEVERRRRRRRRRRR, it sounds like Super Junior with that monotone stuff. Ugh. This sounds like something Super Junior could do, or maybe this was intended for them. However, luckily their vocals pull anything off gracefully. However, I kind of like it better than 'Catch Me' but this is infused with too much. It sounds like everything SM artists have been working on for the past 2 years. It's got BoA, Shinee, Super Junior, f(x), and TVXQ infused in one...and I HATE that. You cannot sound like your own labelmate, you just can't. If a certain riff instantly reminds me of Super Junior, it's not right. Listen to 'Opera' then listen to this chorus. The song is really basic to be honest. But it sounds...good...
Good Night: To close the album off, they concluded with another pop/r&b song. Oooowee baby! I loved Changmin's 'Well, well well well~' that's exactly how most old school/gospel, black singers sounded like. I can tell he's done his research lol. Anyways, GREATTTTTTTTTTT song. Love it. Sexy.

Overall: This album definitely isn't bad. It's reallllly good. Especially for you Cassie fans who love TVXQ no matter what. I was expecting a sort of follow up to how amazing 'Keep Your Head Down' was, I wanted an improvement...but this album is completely different from their last one. Two completely different sounds...The last album had r&b/pop, with sounds I had never heard before, it was interesting...and then their Japanese album 'T.O.N.E.' was realllly good too. So I was highly anticipating this album. This is a good album because it's very consistent, it has improvements, experimental sounds...but I think that is the flaw. It's too experimental. I don't like the electronic/dubstep sound with, I will only put a few songs on my ipod. HOWEVER, it really is a great album, it just doesn't suit my taste. But that shouldn't stop you from listening to it, it just didn't reach MY expectations, but it's great nonetheless. 
Also, Changmin has more shine here, he sounds AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG. And Yunho obviously does too, but I just prefer Changmin's voice hahaha. They both are great.


  1. thanx for ur review :) sadly i have to disagree with u on almost everything. just to clarify first, im not a die hard cassie, and i have never purchased any TVXQ song or album unless i really liked the music in them. I only downloaded KYHD from their KYHD album but never bought the actual album.

    i personally thought this was a HUGE improvement on KYHD. i liked that album but it was way too depressing and the songs lacked variety.

    this album has something for everyone and most people may find one or two songs their least fav but they wont hate them.

    maybe its just me but I don't mind the dubstep in catch me at all. i actually thought it suited the song and gave it an edge that otherwise would have created a bland song. what i dislike about catch me was the weird beat that SM had in the teasers and added randomly in the beginning and end of the song. it just didn't make sense.

    but im happier with it now than i was when i first heard the teasers.

    i think its impo for TVXQ to do something commercial now to gain back more fans and show off their ability to do various styles of music.

    people were already complaining that TVXQ was getting to become a one trick pony with singing the same style of SMP songs like in KYHD, MAXIMUM, and Rising Sun.

    u will even notice that a HUGE number of cassies didnt buy or support KYHD cuz they found it too harsh and rough.

    TVXQ need to appeal back to as many fans as possible.

    Changmin sounds stunning when singing high notes but i find him lacking in emotions when he sings in the low register. this is where yunho comes. his low and mid register is always flowing with emotions and hes an expert at hitting low falsettos so im really a big fan of his singing.

    Getaway is my fav becuz it combines rock and rap. its so edgy and BANGING that i cant stop listening to it.

    i could seriously spend all day listening to yunho growling like a beast and changmin screaming his high notes like an exploding volcano lol

  2. Hahaha I liked your last comment and I see your point. This album is just a marketing move, however, I still understand why they have to sound the same like everyone else. Yes, there are improvements which I said, however it sounds typical. I want to hear something different and it will still appeal to me. They will still have appeal no matter what simply because they ARE TVXQ, they always get attention.


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