Wednesday, October 17, 2012

'BLOCKBUSTER' Album Review

BLOCK B IS BACKKKKKKKK!! My favorite boy rookie group from last year that should've won numerous awards, ARE BACK. After the controversy from earlier this year, the boys have returned. They are darker, more experience, improved. Man. It's great. After releasing a bunch of video teasers that didn't make sense to me nor did I get the vibe they were going for, Block B came back with their lead single 'Nillili Mambo' lmao...and it's badass.
11:30: It's interesting that they chose to start the album off with an r&b ballad, but they did. And it's great. This song was played during one of the member's teasers. The vocalists here are really good. Gah love them. Zico is an amazing rapper. It scares me that the oldest member of the group is 21 and the youngest is like my age. They are incredibly talented.
Interlude: This becomes the theme for the song 'Nillili Mambo' it gives off a Pirates of the Caribbean theme...cute haha.
Nillili Mambo: This song...I love Zico's style of rapping, P.O's husky voice, the vocalists, the arraignment of this song is AMAZING. This isn't kpop. I've never heard someone take something from like Hans Zimmer or something and then rap and sing to it lol. Orchestral and rapping. It's very dramatic and it makes sense that the concept for this is pirates. It works!! I have no clue how to sing or dance to this, it's so...dramatic haha. This is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG. Like. Really.

Ok, amazing. I love that they went wayyy outside of the box for this. Yea I've seen thugs and shoot outs and what not in kpop videos, but this is different. Pirates. Johnny Depp, amazing. And it's funny too. This is my 2nd favorite Korean music video, it's so cool!! They are awesome! Never has something so quirky and different fit together so perfectly! LOVE IT!!! But what is the choreo lol, I LOVE THEM
Mental Breaker: This song is funky, haha it's from Kyung's teaser it's great. Makes you wanna get up and dance. The singers, man they are great at what they do at such a young age!!
No Joke: Oh shit this is from B Bomb's teaser! Straight gutta hip hop lol. Like damn. Delli Boy is an amazing producer. Look up his stuff. Anyways, great rappers. Amazing, I will definitely be blasting this song.
Movie's Over: Zico is a pretty decent singer, man he can do everything! Great song, amazing vocalists!!
Where Are You: It's interesting how even though they are a hip hop group, they contain members that are capable of pulling off such great ballads. Taeil has a great voice.
Romantically: Not what I expected, this is amazing. They have sooooooooo much's incredible. It's got that old school r&b, jazz, chill vibe. Kind of reminds me of KEM if anyone knows who he is haha. It's great. IS THAT TAEIL SKATTING?!! OH MY GOD. Incredibly talented. Like who is this group and where did all this talent come from lol.
Did You Or Did You Not: It's pretty good, it wasn't in any of the teasers, they sound great as usual. This one could be a single as well. It's great.

Overall: This album, is perfect. Like. Seriously. The instrumentals, the composition, the vocals, the raps, the production, the lyrics. Are amazing for a group that has only been out for a year. 0.0 I love everything and everyone, they are incredibly talented and were underrated last year. I knew they would be someone last year when they came out with 'Freeze' that song is my jam. I still love that song and I paid attention to them ever since. This album has now moved up to the best album of the year. I'm sorry, it's beat Big Bang's 'ALIVE' album. I'm so sorry lol. This album, is consistent yet it's not. Everything fits even though each song is different from the song that was last played. And I love that about artists. I love consistency and versatility. Block B handle that PERFECTLY. They are a hip hop group yet they can produce ballads, jazz, rap, pop they can do it! They remind me of Big Bang alot. Seriously. Big Bang is a pretty versatile idol group and now I'm glad that the torch is being passed to Block B. THIS GROUP IS AMAZING, ALBUM IS AMAZING.
Love Cho PD for creating such a group even though he dissed G-dragon and wanted to create a 2nd Big Bang. This group is flawless and they deserve nothing but success!!!!!


  1. Did You Or Did You Not is from the 2nd mini! It isn't new as Halo. :3


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