Friday, October 19, 2012

Epik High '99 Vol. 7' Album Review

Epik High is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After 3 years, after the trials and tribulations, after the military, Epik High as 3, are back together. And they're under YG now. Can't get any better.
Up ft Park Bom of 2ne1: 1 of the lead singles and it's very upbeat and uplifting. The minute Tablo started speaking saying 'Still we stand' I just got chills because I know how much he suffered in the past 2 years. It's nice to know that he overcame and returned more powerful than ever. I loved his album from last year, it is my favorite Korean album easily. Anyways, Bom offered her vocals to this song, and she sounds great. I've never heard her sing that high, her voice sounds kind of strained. It's because she hasn't had the chance to stretch her vocals because they keep giving the high stuff to CL lol. ANYWAYS, great song, I love it. It's upbeat, the drums kind of add a patriotic feel to it...haha. I feel uplifted with this song. LOVE IT

Great video, it's so cool!!!!
Don't Hate Me: Their other lead single, it's not something I was expecting from them. Tablo is singing more than rapping and I barely heard Mithra in this song but he's definitely evident. Tablo and Mithra, 2 poets, they are amazingly talented lol. I want to hear DJ Tukutz do his djing lol. I loved the Scratch he did in Tablo's album. Anyways, the song is ok, it's not something I associate with Epik High even though they do songs like this.

The most awesomest video of the year lol. It's soooooo funny and cool!!!!!Everyone in YG is so talented. I can't wait for 2ne1 to start making music videos of substance and showing off their creativity. GREAT VIDEO!!!
사랑한다면 해선 안될 말(Wrong)-  I can't translate this song properly but it's really good and calming. I love Tablo's voice here. It's sad but the beat is midtempo, it reminds me of the late 80's haha.
It's Cold ft Lee Ha Yi: This song came out last week and it's great. It sounds sad and mellow, I love Ha Yi's voice it fits perfectly. The vibe of this song reminds me of something off of Tablo's solo album from last year. It's a great song, I wish there was a video for it, it's so sad and mellow. The haunting 'I'm cold as ice' ah beautiful.
You Don't Deserve Her ft Gaeko of Dynamic Duo: Yes!!! I was waiting for Hip Hop!!!!!!!!! It's very simple, just beatboxing at first, then as Gaeko starts singing, the guitars are added, it's BEAUTIFUL. Favorite song off the album , I love it!!!
The Bad Guy: It has the 'western' style of music to it, lol like watching a John Wayne film hahaha. It's cool, Tablo sounds sexy haha. I like it, it's not something you hear alot. Love Mithra. Love Tablo, it's awesome.
New Beautiful: They get more modern here with the instrumental, but it's still really good.
There are more songs to this album however only the digital release contains the songs I just reviewed. Once the physical album comes out, I can review the rest of the songs.
Overall: Great album, nothing bad to say except I wish it was more consistent. I wanted more old school hip hop, kind of like how Tablo's album was, but I know that Epik High do alot more than just Hip hop. Despite all that, it's still a great album. 2 poets and a talented DJ, what more can you ask for?


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