Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hyuna 'Melting' Mini Album Review

Hyuna is back!! With another sexy concept, whatever, don't care. The teaser alone has 2 million views and it's been out for only 2 days!!! Anyways, the album either leaked a day early or what, I don't know, but it's out.
Straight Up: At least she's rapping, but she sounds really good here. I was expecting for her rapping skills to go down the drain. But she's back. I like the composition of the song, but her rapping does nothing for me. And she raps in that annoying cute voice, who raps like that? Not hating, I just wish she would skip her game up. This is more of an intro because she only raps for a minute. But the beat is good.
Ice Cream ft Maboos: Love 85% of it. This reminds me of the 'Change' era, I prefer this better than 'Bubble Pop' but is that her singing????????!!! I feel like they are using another singer to fill in the loopholes. But it's very catchy, I like it. It will be on my ipod hahaha. It's pretty good, I can't wait for the video and the choreography!!!
The video is very colorful and what don't really have much to say about the video. It's just typical Hyuna, cute, sexy,it's whatever. I'll have to see it live for the dance, I want to see more of it, it seems good so far. Just nothing I haven't seen.
Green Apple ft Ilhoon of BTOB: We slow things down here, it's cute and acoustic, she's singing and rapping. She's not bad it's improving, but...yea..The song is ok, I like the composition of it. The rapping is nice, Hyuna is cooing in the background, I can tell how hard she tries to instill how cute she is so that she won't have to always been seen as sexy. But the song is nice.
Dear Boyfriend: We slow it down some more, it's a ballad. It's nice that she's trying.
Very Hot: This song reminds me of a slower, chopped up version of Nicki Minaj's 'I Am Your Leader' but I like that she raps in her lower register!!!!!!!!!!! I like versatility. But who's the other female rapper??? Someone tell me.The song was good up until she added that cutesy tone. Good though.

Overall: She's definitely improved. I like it wayyy better than the 'Bubble Pop' album. She's here to stay, if you don't like her sex appeal then kick rocks because she doesn't give a fuck lol. The album is pretty good, I don't care for every song on her. I don't feel anything from her, when she raps, when she sings, I don't feel it. But when she dances, she's amazing. I know she will continue to grow and slay all the haters. 'Ice Cream' is very good!!

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