Monday, October 15, 2012

'Invitation' by Ailee

Best female rookie of the year, Ailee is here with her first mini album release after the successful digital single 'Heaven' was released earlier in the year. She's amazing. Check her out.
I Will Show You: I love the song, I love her vocal range. In 'Heaven' she sang really high and I couldn't tell if she had great vocal versatility, but here, she clearly shines. I love when an artist can sing in the lower register, as well as the high, means you are really talented. Love the song. Sounds amazing, absolutely nothing bad to say. Flawless.

She's gorgeous, amazing, great video. Love G.O. haha.
The Evening Sky: We soothe things down here, it's very soothing, her voice is great. She uses her higher register here, it's very airy and cooey...hahaha but it's good.
My Love ft Swings: This song reminds me of Mariah Carey's older stuff from the 90's like I can imagine her singing it. Anyways, this song is AMAZING. LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTT. And I love Swings. GREAT SONG. AMAZING voice.
Shut Up ft Simon D: Simon Deee! Good choice to collab with hahaha, I love him. The song is upbeat but she's still telling the guy to shut up, she sounds great when she sings it, making it sound all soulful lol. Not my favorite, but it's still a good song.
Into the Storm ft Verbal Jint: Once again, great collaborations. Great also. I honestly have nothing bad to say.

Overall: There is nothing negative to say about this album. Ailee has a soulful voice that is a cross between pop and r&b. She's not Beyonce' yet she can certainly hit those notes. She reminds me of a young Christina Aguilera/Mariah Carey, she gives me that vibe, more of the pop route. She has an amazing voice. The songs itself don't do anything for me, her voice is great, but I have to FEEL it. I would rather listen to her ballads because she has already proven how great her voice is, there are plenty of people that have great voices. Now, touch me with it. As she improves, I know she won't disappoint. I want to see her on the charts Korea! She's got talent! Amazing voice! Best female rookie of the year!

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