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Miss A's 'Independent Woman pt 3' Mini Album Review

Miss A is back unexpectedly once again this year, with a new concept and vibe, and hopefully they impress. The 'Touch' mini album was disappointing but not bad at all, it just wasn't the sound I wanted from them. Their comeback was mediocre, not too many people noticed or cared! I want my 2nd favorite girl group to get some recognition! Alot of my friends keeps saying their boring and I'm like, 'NO!' they just don't bring much to the table sometimes. Even though they win awards for every song, people still don't notice them except for Suzy and Min, give them their recognition back!!
This album. I don't like that they had to take a spin off Destiny's Child, it's nice, but not needed. If you're gonna pay homage to one of the best girl groups of all time, you need to seriously impress. Dominate. So hopefully, they don't disappoint with this album.

I Don't Need A Man: The song is cute, it has a nice little old school r&b/pop to it, not bad. Just not what I was expecting. It could be stronger. The lyrics definitely get their point across. The chorus is very addicting. I like it enough to put on my ipod. I love that Fei is getting more time to shine, she has a great voice!! I'm glad that both Jia and Min rap. However, Jia sounds a little weak when she sings on this She's my bias of the group, love her, but her voice...just didn't bring it here. This song could be stronger, you're pulling off of Destiny's Child, from 1 of Beyonce's hit songs she wrote, this song needed to be stronger. It's too nice/cute. It suits them but, this could've been stronger. I like that they are going back to their original sound though.

The video is cute! Fei is GORGEOUS, she is clearly shining on this album, love her. Everyone else are cute too. I love the choreo, it's very simple, easy to follow, nothing all that hard. I love Jia's little dance at the end. Great video, very simply like ALL of their videos, except 'Goodbye Baby'.

Ma Style: Another homage to female girl groups from the late 90's early 00's. Like TLC sort of, that's the vibe I get. It's a chilled r&b/pop sound. It reminds me of something that could've been from their 'A Class' album. Not bad. I don't like that Jia is singing more, her voice needs improvement, I LOVEEEEEEED her voice in 'Touch' but on this album...her vocals just aren't hitting it. I want to hear more of Fei now, it's nice that Jia is getting recognition, but we did that with the last album. It's time to hear more of the other vocalists. Other than that, this song is really good. Nothing bad here.

If I Were a Boy: -__- alright, more evident Beyonce'. Anyways, great r&b!! Finally, they use their voices correctly, especially Jia!! I love the little alto, jazz, sultry sound in the verses. This kind of serves as a ballad. I LOVE IT! I could do without the 'If I were a boy' as the title, I prefer the 'if I'm over~ you' but you know they already used that as a title in their last album. GREAT song, I love it. Love the old school vibe, love their voices, the lyrics. LOVE IT.

Madness ft Taecyeon of 2pm: Very random collab, but this is the first time Miss A have ever collaborated with another artist am I right? Yea. Granted, I wish it was with someone else, but hey at least it's someone. Definitely 90's r&b, complete vibe. Nailed it, the sound, their voices, it's impeccable. JYP knows what r&b is and he definitely knows his 90's r&b. It's GREAT. Very low key, just like how the 90's r&b was. Who hit that high note? Min wasn't it? SANG GIRL. Um Taecyeon didn' anything. Seriously lol. He just had some background sounds and stuff, lol he wasn't needed at all. Despite that, GREAT~ It proves they are capable of ballads, finally.

Time's Up: Completely different sound this time, it's modern pop, with the electric sounds and what not. Suzy sounds great though. The song is really good, I can imagine hearing it here in America. Nothing particularly special about it, because it doesn't suit the rest of the album. It's random...but it's still good. I like it.

Overall: This album was reallllly good. It definitely does what it was supposed to. A homage to female empowerment from 90's and early 00's girl groups. Did they have to do this? Not really. No one asked for it, but it's good to know that they certainly pulled it off. Why JYP thought of it, I don't know. But it's impeccably done, JYP knows his music!!! I can tell he had his hands on this album, clearly evident. This album, start to finish is great. Pretty consistent except for the last song...but it's still good. I guess it was used for a pick up after the other songs, and to bring the listeners back to the modern era. Although, i think 'Time's Up' should've been on 'Touch'. Still, GREAT album. I love all the songs. Now, for those that aren't into r&b/pop, especially the slow 90's r&b, then this album just isn't for you. This genre specifically belongs to that category. If this isn't your thing, don't bash the album, because it's a great album. JYP said it would be like this,and it certainly is. I LOVE this album more than anything they have done because I can feel the emotions here, they have improved DRASTICALLY with their sound. I personally love r&b more than anything, Beyonce' is my favorite singer and Destiny's Child is everything to me. I love all of them, original members, to the trio. Love them. It's nice that JYP would do this.
So, if you're not into this genre, then it just doesn't suit your taste, however, even so, this is a great album. Seriously, I wish it was longer~

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