Monday, October 22, 2012

'Stop It' Single Album

I don't understand, they are back AGAIN lol. Jeeeeeeeez. They debuted this year! And probably have the most singles/albums for a rookie in the year that they debuted in!!!! I'm worried about their health! They don't have ANY breaks!!! Jeez! The only had a break between January and April, then they came back in July, then September, now the end of October!!! Anyways, I still love them, I just want to take a break!!
Yes Sir: This is just an intro I guess since it's only 1 minute long. Old School hip hop, Zelo and Yongguk sound great. But the transition to them singing and rock doesn't fit. They still haven't gotten the hip hop rap transition to the vocals effortlessly yet. It's still awkward to me as opposed to other male groups who can do it.
Stop It: Old School 80's pop, it's upbeat and uplifting and happy!! This fits more with the 'Crash' song, it's not hip hop, and I like how they focused more on the singing and started off with the vocals instead starting off with Zelo and Yongguk. It's pretty good, and I enjoy that high note in the background. It's more calm, not hard core and in your face. It's good, but it's not my style.

Awww this video is soooo cute. Yongguk!!!!! Everyone is so pretty lol!! BLONDE ASIANS ARE BACK!! Hahaha. Cute video
Happy Birthday: Aww this is for the fans, they are so cute. Love them. It's a ballad, they sound good!! R&B, soothing, I love it!!!

Good, nothing bad, they are so talented. If they don't win male rookie group of the year, there is something seriously wrong, they deserve it. 

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