Thursday, October 4, 2012

'Talk About S' Ga-in 2nd Mini Album Review

Ok, so Ga-in is back with her 2nd mini album, and it's great that she's coming back, but...I wanted JeA first. But whatever. This album was highly anticipated by many, including me. Excited. I LOOOOVED her first mini album, so of course I couldn't wait to hear the sounds of the new album. Here it is!
Tinkerbell: Very interesting song. It starts off with this kind of latin, guitar sound, and Ga-in comes in with whispers and such. It's nice. But then it progresses and it sounds very sexual. She coos, it's great. But then it changes to something weird. It's sooo interesting. It's got a lot going on haha. So many sounds. It's so weird, it's interesting lol. I don't know what to say about it. Yea.
Tiredness: Finally something that is full hahaha. It's really good, amazing voice!!!!
Bloom: Main single off the album. After listening to it the 2nd time, I like it. HOWEVER, IT SOUNDS LIKE A IU SONG DURING THE CHORUS. Very unfortunate. I feel like IU is singing it during the chorus, then Ga-in comes back in. I mean the producer of the album has worked with everyone in this company so it's clearly evident. But still, it's a great song. It's about a girl fully opening up after losing her virginity. According to the video lol.

This video....yea...definitely rated 19 and up. Like it's more sexual than 'Abracadabra' hahahaha. It's very bright and colorful and freaking flowers in my face. I love the choreography. That's it.
The Gaze: Love it, this is the Ga-in I LOVE to hear. Her coos, slurs, jazzy, whispering, sexy. Her voice is perfect for it. Love the vibe!!! I LOVE THE SONG, I think it's my favorite off this album. Very relaxing, chill.
Catch Me If You Can: The song instantly reminded me of 'The Way You Make Me Feel' by Michael Jackson up till the chorus sort of. It's nice and catchy, but I don't care for it.

This album....IT'S REALLY GOOD, but it's not the vibe I really wanted from her. Sexy suits her very well, but I know there's more to her than that. You don't have to devote a whole album to sex. THERE'S MORE TO LIFE THAN SEX AND MONEY. I don't understand. The producer and composer who did this album, did her first mini album. And it's brilliantly amazing and consistent. But this's not what I wanted. Yea, she sounds great, but it's all the same. 
I'm not bashing her or the album, I love Ga-in she is my favorite out of BEG, I guess I had my hopes up too high. I wasn't expecting her to go in a completely different direction from her 1st solo album. But it's still a great album, she coos really well, I like the jazz feel, low key, and stuff. I mean, like I said she does sexy great, but that was just too typical. Like sometimes I want the unexpected.

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