Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Younique Unit 'Maxstep' Music Video Review

As alot of people already know, SM has teamed up with Hyundai to create an album or mini album or something, to endorse the cars. I was only interested in this group simply because it is the dancers in SM(without Yunho T_T) and because finally Hyoyeon gets a chance to shine. So here's my review:
The Song: Honestly, it's horrible. It's toooooo much noise. This is the song that Kai and Taemin and Eunhyuk danced to at the Gayo's from last year, and I really wanted to see a full performance of it. Then they did it again this year 50 million times, so now I'm like ugh I'VE HEARD IT BEFORE. So, theres' too much noise going on, I cannot appreciate their voices or the lyrical content lol. But the dubstep is appropriate for this song because it is called Max Step, now I don't know if that's intentional lol...I wanted to hear more of Hyoyeon, I'm mad that she's just a freaking feature. And then they screwed up her voice like I don't know what that was, but her rapping is good...she's improved. That's the most I've heard from her...LOVE HER SHE'S MY SM BIAS. Henry clearly shined in this song, his voice was amazing, I wasn't expecting that. He should get more promotion, not for just being in Suju-M, he should do more Korean stuff like go solo, he's an incredibly talented violinist.
The Dance: Like I said there's so much going on it's hard to pinpoint, but because this is the dancers unit, everyone is crisp and clean. Taemin from Shinee is THE dancer, Eunhyuk from Super Junior is THE dancer, Kai from EXO-K is THE dancer, and Hyoyeon from SNSD is THE dancer. So they were great, however, I didn't really consider Henry from Super Junior M the dancer, because he's a musician mainly. I thought they would've used Donghae, but then that wouldn't be fair. They would've most likely used Hangeng but he's no longer in Super Junior, womp. And Zhou Mi is a singer so. Yea. And then Luhan from EXO-M?? Really? He's so....not manly lol, but I guess they wanted to give him a chance to shine. But why didn't they choose Tao...like c'mon! But yea, it was really good. I want to see a Dance version or a practice video because all those close ups and screams weren't necessary.
The Video: Since they're just promoting a car...but there was no car lol They made a car in the dance though!! But it's really basic haha, typical SM video, filmed in an oddly lit room lol.


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  2. I'm not biased to anyone in SM except for Hyoyeon. I mentioned Tao because he seemed to have been the dancer of Exo-m because he is in all of those teasers. And it's great that you said that's why they chose Luhan, because he knows more Korea. Correct. I didn't say that Henry was a bad dancer, I just know that he wasn't known for it in Suju-m. Them attracting Chinese fans...maybe, but like you said this song is in Korean. If that's the case, why didn't they choose to put f(x) Victoria here?

    I don't care about the vocal part either, since this is the dancer unit! And Henry clearly shown here, no one else is the main vocalist.
    And I'm not the only one at times who questions Luhan's masculinity because he looks like a puppy. I like and him, but that's all he gives me.


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