Friday, November 30, 2012

2012 MAMA Awards Review

Last night, the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards show was held in Hong Kong. There were performances from Big Bang, Epik High, Super Junior, Exo, Sistar, Ga-in, Trouble Maker Unit, Psy, Wang Lee Hom and Adam Lambert to name a few. I'm gonna say this plain and simple. The awards show, was boring as hell. Even worse than last year. I'm sorry.
Big Bang: They had the best performance because, they used the entire stage, remixed it, everyone was doing something, their outfits looked cool, they got the entire place pumped up, their theme was cool. Just UGH. Granted, I think it seemed all over the place, however they shut it down. You have to agree. Everyone took a shot at Gd's raps in Crayon, and they all performed Fantastic Baby. GREAT PERFORMANCE.

Epik High: They had the 2nd best performance. Tablo was the Joker, Mithra was Bane, and DJ Tukutz was Two-Faced Harvey Dent. AMAZING. Go watch that performance, it was the most creative thing every. They were hilarious, they were crazy and didn't care, the theme was great. Along with Lee Hi who performed It's Cold with them. Her dress was stunning!!!!!!!!!!

PSY: I'm rounding off the top 3 with PSY. Even though it was just regular version of Gangnam style, everybody was singing it. The huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge blow up doll of him was great!! The whole stage was filled up with dancers, it was great!!!! Even Hyuna came out to dance with him. Everyone in the audience was jamming, he brought the house down!!!
I did like Sistar's performance, they were very sexy. I enjoyed the flips and tango and what not. Also, it was nice that Exo did a little progression of kpop although they only did songs from SM -__- Alot of videos were taken down so I have not seen Wang Lee Hom's performance nor Ailee.
The people who did perform, it just seemed like they were during a regular music show. Like it was Inkigayo to them! Just a couple of remixes, a little change in choreography and that's it!! No creativity or at least not that impressive. Normally, Super Junior does reallly great performances, I've seen their concerts they are really good. But this was meh. Ga-in was sexy but meh, Trouble Maker unit was too provocative and boring.

And for the winners, the polls were pretty much thrown out of the window. Thanks to the hackings, the system is rigged. But regardless of that, the system is always fucked up! I'm glad Big Bang won every category they were nominated in, I'm glad Ailee won, I'm glad Busker Busker won, but some others were just stupid. That awards show makes no sense to me. So for the fans that kept voting and making multiple emails and stuff, quit wasting your time!!!!!! And to those that kept saying "blank or blank" should've There's a reason. 
 Overall, this year was just hella boring except for the YG artists. Even though I may sound biased, but it's true. Don't lie to me lol. Big Bang shut it down. Like always. I think MAMA this year was on an award show budget because there was a lot of creativity missing this year(except BB and EPik High) Leave a comment and tell me what you thought about the performances!

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