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'Another Me' Sunggyu Mini Album Review

Sung Kyu, leader and main vocalist of Infinite is the first to get solo promotions with his first mini album!! I'm not really a huge fan of Sunggyu but I love Infinite and I loved how emotional he sounded in 'The Chaser' so let's give this a shot!
Another Me (Intro): Mainly a piano, it's nice I actually kind of what to learn it. It reminds me of how '60 Seconds' is supposed to go. It's pretty nice.
60 Seconds: I wasn't expecting this from him, not this genre, but it suits him for he has a great emotional voice. I can feel his expressions when he sings, very passionate. Nothing really impressed me however about this song. He has a great voice and the song is good, but nothing stood out to me.

The video was nice, it has L who is another member of Infinite as the main character and his love interest. And then their's Gyu rocking out...I think they should've just kept the story line instead switching between the 2 because I felt the sadness more when I was just watching L cry lol. But this was nice.
I Need You: This is nice and comforting, slower than the first song, I like the vibe to it. Not bad at all.
Tears(Acoustic Version): Where have I heard this song?????? Wasn't this on Infinite's album?? Ahhhh it's so fucking beautiful I love it LOL, like perfection. I wish it was everyone and not just him but this is nice too. It's just so freaking beautiful, best song by them ever.
Shine: 80's vibe going on here, even the style of his singing. It's really good!!
41: Love it, love it, love it, love it. I like that 80's vibe going on with it since that seems to be a recurring genre with Infinite. AHHHH, love it. It's so somber, and ugh. Love.

Overall: I didn't know what genre to expect from him since I didn't know which style suited him best. I though might be a lot of ballad, but then again he's in Infinite and the 80's vibe is pretty evident. I don't really like the lead single, but I love 40 and the acoustic version of Tears even though this song has been out already. I feel like there could've been more to this album but it's pretty good. He has a great voice when we clearly hear how passionate he sounds. He's very talented. For hardcore Infinite fans and especially fans of Sunggyu, this album is definitely for you guys! It doesn't fit exactly with my tastes but I really like 41 and Tears haha.


  1. Actually, the genre that Sunggyu went for in this mini isn't a huge surprise to most Infinite fans. Since you seem to not be very familiar with them let me just give you a short background on Sunggyu.

    Sunggyu's interest in music has always lied on rock - heavy rock, screamo rock, soft rock, indie rock. He's a rocker by heart. He was in a highschool rock band with his friend where they perform in school festivals and in plazas or clubs and such.

    His favorite Korean band is Nell. His idol is Nell's frontman, composer and vocalist, Kim Jongwan. Nell is an indie band that got discovered and then signed under Woollim and has since then become a well respected indie rock band in Korea with numerous awards under their belt.

    So Woollim... sounds familiar, right?

    Sunggyu, being a huge fan of Nell, went to Woollim to audition in the hopes of being in a rock band as well. However, Woollim was planning to debut their own version of an idol group at that time. Upon his acceptance in the company, he began training to become an idol.

    He was highly disappointed with this sudden turn of events. And he was ridiculed and made fun of by his friends and highschool classmates because from rock he is suddenly transitioning to idol music - a music that isn't well favored by the general public save for screaming fangirls.

    However, Sunnggyu persevered and went with the training and debuted as leader of the rising group Infinite. In essence, Infinite is different from most idol groups in that they focus more on their sound and music rather than gimmicky concepts. They have also stuck to their 80's synth pop rock-ish vibe which has now become their trademark sound.

    When asked whether he regrets going down the idol route, he said no. Because through Infinite, he has learned to appreciate different genres of music. But that if given the chance, he would like to pursue rock - his first love.

    And so Woollim gave him this solo project - aptly titles "Another Me", to let him showcase the side of himself that has always been there but he wasn't able to show as a member of Infinite.

    This mini album is composed of songs that his voice is perfectly fit for, the genre that he has always loved.

    And remember his idol Nell? Nell's Jongwan composed Shine for him and Junhoon, bassist, has composed I Need You and 41st for him (he has also composed Because for Sunggyu).

    See, even though his career started out as an idol and his friends ridiculed him for it, he was able to pursue rock music with the help of the musicians he admire the most.

    So there! Hope you got the background for this mini album!

    1. Thank you for the background info but I was just stating how I was surprised to hear something like 60 seconds but I know it suits him. And I agree I like that Infinite continues to use 80's type music. But thanks again for the info.


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