Sunday, November 11, 2012

B1A4 'Try to Walk' Mini Album Review

I normally don't keep up with rookie boy groups that don't impress me, so B1A4 is not exactly on my favorite list, but when they did debut, I did like their song. Actually, I've liked a couple of their songs. I just didn't like the vibe they were giving off. Now, it seems that they've given up the cutesy and are giving us something very mature. Like a complete 360 degree turn! And since a lot of people keep saying how good this album is, I've decided to review it myself and clear the air that I leave biased reviews.
Intro(In The Wind): This is what we hear in the intros to the music video teasers. It sounds so sad and heartbreaking. It definitely sets the tone for this album and I honestly like the direction it's going in because it's a completely different sound for them.
Tried to Walk: The lead single and it's a sped up continuation of what the intro was. In the vocals, you can really hear the sadness, they sound realllllly good. The rapper sounds REALLLLLY GOOD. They've definitely improved since their debut. I wish the song was slower, but this is an idol group. But it's pretty good, and I can feel their emotions. I like their vocals, I don't care that much for the song itself because I feel like the upbeat instrumental deters from the actual meaning of the song and their voices. They sound GREAT, I just wished it sounded more sad. But great song
Very fitting, cinematography is beautiful, I feel the emotion, impressed!! Good job!!

If... (너만 있으면):  This is a different vibe from the last song, I kind of like it. I actually really like it haha. The instrumental is interesting, their voices are good. It's not as amazing as 'Tried to Walk' but it's really good.  
                              I Won't Do Bad Things, ft Narration of Suzy of Miss A: Hahah this is just perfection. It starts off with Suzy narrating/yelling at the guy. I could've done without it. You could've gotten anyone to do that or just not do it at all, or she could've just sang. I don't think it was needed. Anyway, it proceeds with their harmonies and the beat has a sort of reggae rhythm to it. I love it!!!! It's so good!! I love the sort of r&b old school jazz vibe to it!! Very goooooood! Impressed!!!
                                               What Do You Want To Do: I love it from the very beginning. The way they phrase the beat, it's got that 80's pop upbeat vibe to it. And they sound really good!! Jeez, I have nothing but praises for the main vocalist and whoever they harmonize with. It's amazing. Once again, I could do without narrations...but who where they singing with? They could've put that, but why name Suzy when this woman did more than her lol. Anyways, GREAT. I love the chorus and how they composed it. It's so great.
Be My Girl ft JeA of Brown Eyed Girls: This is Jinyoung's solo and it's GREAT, I love the r&b vibe of it, he sounds great. Is he the main vocalist!!?? And I heard JeA wrote this too! She sounds great too!! As usual haha, it fit the song good too.
In the Air: They killed the consistency of the album with this song. In returns back to basic, typical pop music again that I'm so used to hearing from them...but that's ok. I feel like they threw this song in here to perhaps perform it later...I don't know. I wasn't really feeling it.

Overall: This album...surprised me hahaha. It really was a great album. Seriously. I was sleeping on them all this time. I've liked some of their lead singles, I just thought they weren't for me, but this album is GREAT. Now I see why everyone kept saying it was a good album. It reallyyyyyyyyy is! I can't wait for the video!!


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