Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dal Shabet 'Have, Don't Have' Mini Album Review

Dal Shabet is back!! After releasing a full album during the summer, the girls are back with a new album! I always have hope for this group because their first 2 mini albums had songs that were WAYYY better than their lead singles. But unfortunately, they have failed to capture my attention after their 'Pink Rocket' mini album T_T. By I still listen to their music and their albums for hope that one day they will go back to working with Big Tone LOL.
For Darling: I always find it interesting to have an album start off with a ballad. But they do it here and it's ok. Nothing great. Their main vocalists don't do anything for me...even with the high notes...but they try....
Have, Don't Have: The lead single, and once again we have girl groups bringing the retro trend back and it reminds me alot of something T-ara would do. This song would be realllly good to me if it weren't for the fact that I've heard this style of music for so long. It has good potential, but I've heard it all before.
The yea...I don't get it hahaha. I love the choreography though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't Touch: Electro, techno going on here. I actually like it, I don't like their tone of voice for this though. But it's interesting, but the lyrics are horrible. I hate the autotune. I just don't understand with this group, they just need better producers and composers because they have a lot of potential, it's just that their songs aren't appealing or different for me. This song had a great start and it did have its moments, but it gets bad at moments.
Falling In Love: English wasn't bad at the moment, I clearly understood her haha. I kind of like it, it's like r&b/pop I like how they phrase their words. It's not that bad of a song really.

Overall: I wish they had better producers, that's all. They just need to work with Big Tone again and give me songs like 'Boom shakalaka' and their intro song ft Big Tone off their debut single album. I will continue to have hope for them though ahahahaha.

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