Monday, November 26, 2012

'Humanoids' 6th Repackaged Album TVXQ

Before Super Junior did repackaged albums, TVXQ did, and once again they're back with 'Humanoids'. I was definitely looking forward to the song once I saw the teaser, but I shall review the new songs that came with the 'Catch Me' album.
Humanoids: Once I saw the teaser, I definitely had to watch the video. Once the full performance came out, I was hooked!!!! I LOVE THE SONG. Love it. However, it has its flaws, because as usual this came from SM...and unfortunately, SM has been recycling alot of lead singles with their artists. I can imagine Super Junior singing this, I can imagine Shinee doing it, and I can imagine f(x) doing this. Because everything sounds the same with them. Seriously, and don't attack me for saying this because it does. SM likes to stack alot of voices and create harmony with it. And it's awesome, I think whoever their main producer is is a genius at harmonies, like T-pain is(sorry for that reference but that man can seriously harmonize with is voice). Even though this is just HoMin, it sounds like 5 people could be singing this. Apart from this sounding like everyone in SM for the past 3 years, I love the song. I don't understand why SM keeps putting fake applauses lol, it was like that in 'Maxstep' and I couldn't hear anything. But apart from that, seriously I love the song, more than 'Catch Me'. It's consistent throughout, there's no hybrid, just kept it simple. LOVE.
And once again, SM keeps putting their artists with no story lines into oddly lit rooms or into space or other foolishness like that. Can we get some creativity now?? Like thankfully 'Sherlock' actually had a story line, but alot of artists from SM keep being put in the same place like...please. Maybe since it's just HoMin instead of all 5 now, they lost their creative outlets and can't express themselves anymore...but c'mon SM. Maybe once they're back to being all 5 they will resume giving us quality. Love the choreo as usual, when have I not.
Here I Stand: For starters, I think it's great that they put this song before Viva but after Catch Me because it's a good transition song. Anyways, this is sort of midtempo, not like the other songs before it and not after, it's perfect. But it's upbeat though, I like that. It's a great song, their voices are amazing as usual. And the little dubstep break or whatever is GENIUSSSSSSSS, like that's the best use of dubstep or whatever that was ever because you don't expect that to happen. They are singing so softly, not hardcore. I would like to think of it as a continuation to 'Catch Me' but the vibe is totally different. Great addition to the album. 

I love the 2 songs, all thumbs up on this hahaha.

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