Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hyuna to Make American Debut???

Thanks to the viral sensation 'Gangnam Style' Hyuna will now receive the opportunity to perhaps make an American debut with PSY as well!! Her solo songs Change, Bubble Pop, and now Ice Cream, have probably almost 90 million views combined! She's sexy and cute, she's definitely noticeable. Since she too is almost a viral sensation, I guess this means America is ready for Hyuna...no...I don't think so.

See, once again, we have kpop idols who are specifically trying to make it in America, which is not what PSY intended to do. If Hyuna made a video that was equally as popular as Gangnam Style, I still don't think Americans would accept it.

She plans on going out to LA to film a commercial and while she's there, she plans to have a meeting with Scooter Braun who is the manager of Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepson, and now PSY. Now does this mean they plan on making moves with this debut...I don't know. But if she's meeting with Scooter then that definitely means something is up.

Is Hyuna gonna sing in Korean?? Is she going to attempt English God-forbid?? Honestly, a lot of Americans don't like Gangnam Style and the definitely don't actually accept PSY as an artist. It's great that he's given them exposure, but now what will Americans who aren't open-minded think about another Korean coming over. I don't think Hyuna has that kind of appeal. PSY is naturally goofy and hilarious, Hyuna would have to give the Americans something to watch besides showing her booty and crotch. Should she too come up with a dance????

What do you guys thing? Is America ready for the Korean take over?? What will America think when 2ne1, a group that has major appeal, makes their debut? Will they get tired of seeing Asians as actual artists?? Who knows what's in store...

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