Wednesday, November 7, 2012

'Luv Me' D-Unit Digital Single Review

D-Unit is back, which I'm thankful for because most rookies, if they don't make a splash, they won't come back or they won't have the same members. I LOVED 'Missing u' and the album was pretty freaking solid and I just love their vibe overall, I want them to get the shine they deserve because they have alot of potential.
The Song: It's pretty good, I think it may be more appealing for larger audiences compared to 'Missing You' however this song just lacks something. There's no oomf to this because it sounds sort of typical to me. The only thing that will set them apart from other girl groups would be that they amplified their tomboy image. But the song is pretty good, I love the chorus, I just wished they had did the parts evenly and composed it better and got rid of the auto tune. Other than that, since I really like this group, I will most likely put it on my ipod.
The Dance: What also sets them apart from other girl groups is their tomboy image, their choreography is very masculine. There is no hip movements, no crotch shots, no ass shaking, no boob sweat removing, nothing girly AT ALL. I have never seen this before from any kpop female group because even 2ne1 shows their femininity. That's what separates them from 2ne1, they are pretty masculine. And of course I love this concept because it's so different in the kpop world. Kudos to their choreographer. I can't wait to see the dance version of this song!!
The Music Video: Nothing special going on here, we all know they really aren't gangsters so I don't know why they have those guns up there knowing they aren't about that life. I hate that foolishness. Anyways, the video is nice. I like that the song matches their look, but I don't really get the video at all. Similar to how their first video was.

I really like D-Unit, they're a very promising group, but because they are so masculine in their physical appearance, this won't appeal to everyone, but it certainly sets them apart. Keep it up!! I will continue to have interest in them, it's just vocally they don't have the whole package, their music doesn't set them apart from others, but it does have a spark, but it's also lacking something. Once they figure out what it is, I'm sure they will be successful. They have the new concept down to get attention, they just need everything else! Love them though!!

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