Sunday, November 11, 2012

Son Dambi 'Dripping Tears' Mini Album Review

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, she's back!!! Finally!! I love Son Dam Bi!!!! It's been so long. Hopefully this mini album won't disappoint!!!
Return: She's back!! It's been a long time!!! This is just an intro, I think it will pretty much sum up the tone of this album.
Dripping Tears: This song shows off her more mature side now, she's older, more experience about love and what not. The song isn't bad, I wish that it wasn't a typical Brave Sound song. It sounds like what I've been listening to from Pledis Entertainment for the past 3 years and it's annoying. Mainly talking about After School and Dam Bi, their music is so much alike at times. And then, I tried so hard not to start singing 'Fiction' by B2st because that one part sounds just like that song lol. But, I like it, I think it has potential. I just wish there was something more to it. It's just typical Brave Sound, nothing wrong on her behalf.

The video is interesting, I definitely got lost because of the scene changes but I get it I guess. It's interesting when she's in a mental hospital and the background dancers are dressed creepily, that' interesting it kept me entertained. I love the choreo, I love her. I just felt lost sometimes. She's so pretty and great acting skills!
그랬나봐요: This song is very interesting, I like it, I like her voice and it's so weird haha, but she still sounds very mature hahaha.
Emergency Call: This song is upbeat and sexy. I wish there was more to it, it sounds like something I've heard before. But it really isn't bad, I just wish there was something more to it. She's giving me a J.Lo, Madonna esque vibe on this song, which isn't bad, I just wish it didn't reminded me of stuff from other people.
사랑하고 싶었어: This is a ballad and she sounds so good, I love her soft voice, it's so calming!!

The last song is a remix of Dripping Tears

This album is showing off a more mature side of Son Dam Bi, I was sort of expecting a follow up to 'Crazy' because that's my favorite song by her, but she has produced better albums. I really do like her, I just wish there was more to the songs. She sounds great, I just wish she had better producers to show that her music has changed and improved as well, not just her mentality. But overall, this album is nice.

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