Tuesday, November 20, 2012

SPICA 'Lonely' Music Video Review

Yes!! My girls are back with a legit new single. I didn't count 'I'll Be There' as something but ok. I will review the mini album once it comes out.
The Song: Pop retro like they've been saying it would be for a while. It's not bad at all, I obviously have nothing but love for their voices and they are incredibly talented. The producer that made 'Painkiller' which I love and is my favorite song of the year, produced this song. I was expecting another awesome song like that one was but this song was made to appeal to everyone, like 'I'll Be There' did. I don't particularly care for it because I've heard retro 80's pop before, it honestly reminds me of something Kara would do. But it really isn't all that bad. I just can't wait for the other songs off the album.
The Dance: Very sexy, I love it however it's way too reminiscent of Sistar, there's nothing special about the choreography. I don't think it fits the song or the sexy concept at all but it's not bad. Their clothes even reminds me of Sistar.
The Video: No story line, very simple. They look so pretttttttttttttttttty!! Gorgeous!! Outfits are Sistar, choreo is Sistar, nothing much to it. I love the red voleur short dresses though!!

Like I said, this song could've impressed me more, I'm just waiting on another 'Painkiller' or something even better than that...

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