Monday, November 26, 2012

'The First Collage' Yoseob 1st Mini Album

I LOVE the album cover, it's freaking beautiful. Instead of putting a pic of himself, or something from Microsoft Word font, it's this instead. Does he draw??? He does right?? Did he do this?? He's amazing, please leave a comment!! The first to get a mini album from B2st, I don't count Kikwang because that was before B2st was formed. I'm glad he gets to be the first to promote with his own material before Junghyung or Kikwang did. Even though Junghyun features on alot of artists, I'm glad he didn't get to go first.

Look At Me Now: A cross of pop, guitar, fun. It's the perfect mixture of mainstream and his uniqueness. I like it, it's fun you can jam to it and all. Great way to start the album although I would like to think of it more as an intro...
Caffeine ft Junghyung of B2st: FLAWLESS. It's BEAUTIFULLY AMAZING. I think this is more of a duet with Junghyun, it's more than just a feature. Anyways, I love it, this is the lead single to. AMAZING. Like jeez. It's got that hint of sadness with it being in the minor key, but then it changes, and then goes back to it. It's amazing, fucking ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT, gosh it's amazing. Seriously, like thank you for this breath of fresh air in the kpop world, thank you!!! Flawless, go listen to it.
Wowwwwwwww, this video is AMAZING. Best video of the year. All the hidden symbolism and metaphors and the choreography and the dancers and the bending and levitating and putting the heart back in was just WOW. Not to mention he was SEXAY. I'm glad we get to see this image of him, alot of girls are like TOO MUCH SKINSHIP but that's what makes this video so much realer. The kiss, the holding the straddling, like it shows a real relationship. Anyways, most creative video I've seen this year, best music video of the year. Seriously.
Just Do As You Always Did: 80's vibe going on, continuation of the slow, mellow music. Nice follow up, transitions greatly. I don't think it's as good as Caffeine was but it's pretty good nonetheless.
Even Then I: Jazzy, sexy, sultry, he's cooing, ohhh LAWD. I've never looked at Yoseob as sexy because he's such a goofball, he's freaking hilarious and maknae-ish, but he's not ahha. But when I hear this, I started feeling all kinds of things LOL. Go ahead boy. Ohhhhhhhhhh sang it, so sexy. Jeez. If he sang this to me, man, MY HORMONES lol. Jeez, his voice is just too perfect isn't it. Gosh, he's sexy here, I will never think of him the same. If he could just drop the foolishness, maybe I wouldn't look at him as the maknae so much LOL. Flawless.
You Don't Know: We pick things back up after the slower songs. I like it, very upbeat!!! Great song!

Overall: This album...all the songs were really good, very consistent, his voice is amazing, great genre to tackle and it suits him perfectly. I obviously loved 'Caffeine' and 'Even Then I' but I don't love the other two songs mainly because they sound very typical, I've heard it all before, but the songs are still great. Great 1st album, I loved it. It's nice to depart from the B2st songs and do your own thing, I'm glad he gets his shine. And not to start a fanwar or anything, but someone decided to pit Sunggyu vs Yoseob and I choose Yoseob. Only because Sunggyu did not showcase all his versatility with his voice and I know he can. Yoseob did and he did it perfectly. But I like both so no hate. I just think Yoseob is the better soloist this time around...

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