Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 KBS Gayo Daejun Review

The end of the year ceremonies are among us...well in South Korea haha. I always look forward to these award shows after Christmas because normally, the idols give us something to actually look at. Instead of performing their usual routines, they either remix the songs, do collaborations, and impress.
But this year, for the most part, everyone was boring. However, there were note worthy performances...

Hyorin, Ailee, K.Will
They each collaborated with musicians to perform American songs. Hyorin's amazing voice performed the mediocre song 'Sway'. Of ALL songs she chose 'Sway' like...c'mon now. You've got amazing vocals, use them. K.Will performed Stevie Wonder's 'Ribbon in the Sky'. Beautiful song, beautiful voice. Love him. And Ailee performed her usual songs 'Halo' by Beyonce. She too could've done better because we've already seen a performance of this song. Anyways, they sounded good. Greatest voices in Kpop/Ballad

Hara vs Suzy Dance Battle
I don't know what this foolishness was but that's all I can call it. Foolishness. It's nice that they tried lol. Hara from Kara danced to a horrible karaoke version of 'Damaged' by Danity Kane. She looked really good but she didn't really dance there was just a bunch of hair flips and waves and trying to booty pop she has nothing to pop lol. But you know Junghyun is hitting that LOL. She looked "sexy" I guess. And then Suzy...from miss A. Like the other 3 members of Miss A are DANCERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, so why the hell would they put the weakest link up there??? Suzy tried to dance to 'Yes' by Beyonce' with some retarded rock mix....what the heck. No hate to either of them, I'm glad Suzy chose Beyonce' even if it was for 10 seconds lol. And Hara tried LOL. Anyways. This was a waste of time. Watch if you wish.

Idol Super Band
The Idol band comprised of Yoseob(B2st), L(Infinite), Jiwoon(2am), Jinyoung(B1A4), Taemin(Shinee), Minhyuk(CNBlue), Changmin(2am), Jonghyun(Shinee). Very talented. They sounded really good, I wish their was more feeling in the band members who played the instruments because they kept looking down to look at the music but that's my only complaint. They were really good!!

Return to 90's
Various Idols paid homage to the singers that paved the way for them. It was nice that they did this!! Everyone was pretty good!!! I particularly enjoyed the Infinite H subgroup and the joint performance of Moon He Jun and the idols for H.O.T's 'Candy' cute lol

Sistar's 'Alone'
Chileeeeeeeee, they were sexy!!! Fabulous performance!! This was their year!! Good job girls!!! Classy sexy!!! They gave us something new, kept it refreshing start to finish. But I only saw Hyorin...wish EVERYONE got their chance to shine with the remix at the beginning...but it's still good!

Other Notable Performances:
Ailee, K.Will, Dynamic Duo, Super Junior. I didn't want to put them because Ailee and K.Will and Dynamic Duo are already talented performers that always deserve applaud. But I included Super Junior because even though they freaking sang Sorry Sorry and Bonamana in there like they usually do, there was at least a nice little remix/mashup for Sexy Free and Single.

Overall: Pretty boring, nothing interesting except for the performances mentioned. Everyone could've been better or turn it up a notch or do something entirely different. But we'll just have to look forward to the other year end performances!! Thanks for reading!!


  1. Happy new year! :)

    I found this Gayo very boring too :/ And the mayority of the idols gave me the impression that they were also bored...

  2. Happy New year to you too!! Yea I think they were tired because of the award shows but still, boring


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