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2012 SBS Gayo Daejun Review

It seems that if you want to get something done in the kpop world and show how fabulous of a performer you are, SBS broadcasting company will get it done for you. After last night's boring performances, the SBS Gayo Daejun took place and boy were there some noteworthy performances!!

CL and Sung Ki Kyung Collaboration
I was really looking forward to this mainly because it was an awkward pairing and because CL is my bias. However, this performance on CL's part....T___T horrible. I seriously CRINGED on some of her parts. This just goes to show you that they should stop promoting CL so much as a singer because she is not that great!! I keep saying that!! Sure she's capable of singing great songs, but sometimes I'm just like Why were they thinking of doing this? This song is jazz and CL's voice isn't capable of producing that perfect sultry sound. Minzy is!! She's the perfect Alto!!! WHY NOT MINZYYYYY. Ugh. Anyways. I only put this here because people were talking about it. Horrible performance, great song, it's just not for her to sing. Sorry Lovely.

Once again they did amazing as usual but not as great as last night's performance of 'Alone'. However, I would love to commend Bora!!! GIRL YOU BETTER WERK!!! She was AMAZINGGGGGGGGG.

Top 3 Kpop Star Season 1 Finalists
I was really only here for Lee Hi and her vocals were extremely good so I have nothing bad to say about her performance. Ji min and Baek Yeon were pitchy at moments, but in Mercy they shined better and had more confidence. They really need to work on their stage presence but other than that, good. I liked that they did this collab. But they didn't need JYP on top of a damn stage with a piano with only a 5 second cameo. By the time they hoisted his ass up there the song was finished LOL. Extra. I thought he was gonna sing.

Hip Hop Collaboration: Supreme Team, Epik High, Dynamic Duo
BESTTTTT PERFORMANCE I HAVE EVER SEEN FROM ANYONE THIS ENTIRE FUCKING YEAR!!!!! The intro was amazing, best believe I twerked for Simon D and Tablo. Then I lost my shit when they mashed up Gangnam Style with Clique. I stood up. Omg it was AMAZING!!! Then Supreme Team performed Daeng Daeng Daeng, Dynamic Duo with Friday Night and Epik High's Fly. Great performance. Seriously. Shit. Incredible. OMG. AMAZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING. I wish I could find a HD performance clip of it. Ugh it's AMAZING. I wish Leesang had came out...T____T

Always have love for this perfect boy group. Once again they teamed up with an orchestra and performed a great version of 'The Chaser' I loved this performance. They sounded great, better than last night's performance. Love it!!

SM The Performance
The only thing I will always give credit for under SM, is their dancers and their choreography. I have never failed to give credit where credit is definitely due. Even though I'm YG Family for life, SM will always have the best dancers and the best choreography. Now this was beyond amazing, I'm glad they put Yunho in this. They were extremely sexy, I'm pretty sure I no longer have ovaries thanks to Kai, Minho, and Yunho. Amazing. Watch this.

Dynamic Black
Great combination of dancers: Lee Joon(MBLAQ), Kikwang(B2st), L. Joe(TeenTop), Hoya(Infinite), and oddly Jiwoon(2am). He's so tall and awkward, he's a great dancer but I don't think he really fit this group and he knows it. But great choreography, great song. Loved their performance!!

Lmao I love this man and I love this song!! 'You're The One' was probably my most favorite song of the year seriously!! I loved his 1 man band and what not. I love the r&b/jazz rendition of the song. I wish he did the full choreo and had his backup dancers though for the full effect. But I LOVED his 90's pop dance mashup with one of his songs from back then. Love this man!!!
Clip found here

Big Bang
Just great, ratchet kpop fun. They've pretty much sold their souls to the ratchet devil and I am here for it(except Taeyang, I'm DONE with him) but of course their performance was live. I don't think I've ever seen a lackluster performance from them. Great energy. Loved their Gangnam Style mashup. Again. I would love to see this song stay in 2012 LOL.

Dazzling Red
Awwww yea!!! My bad bitches Nicole(Kara), Hyorin(Sistar), Hyosung(Secret), Hyuna(4Minute) and lame Nana(After School). They were definitely sexy I can tell you that. I like the song though, choreo is typical. I obviously prefer them over Mystic White.

Notable Performances: TVXQ: they would've been put on there if we hadn't seen the glow up arms before in the music video. I've never seen them perform it with them live, but it's boring to rewatch what happened in the music video. Loved their voices though as usual. Blue: I loved their intro and I look everyone in that group haha.

Overall: I liked that this year was the Color of Kpop theme but it was such a longgggggg award show. 3 hours??? Have they normally been this long?? Anyways, wayyyy better than the KBS Gayo Daejun which I knew it would be. Hopefully next week we will continue with the great performances and impress on New Years. Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Girl, I agree with you about absolute everything you said lol A bit long for me too.
    I hope MBC Gayo will be finally this (last) year best one.


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