Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sunny Hill 'Antique Romance' Mini Album Review

WAhhhhh Sunny Hill is back and still as 4!!!!!
Getting Cold ft Yoon Hyun Sang: It immediately started with him, that's interesting, I've never heard a featuring artist in kpop start beautifully like that on a song!! It's a beautiful ballad, their voices sound great with Yoon Hyun Sang! I can feel their emotion!!! It's nice and sweet, soft and mellow. Great song, I think it  effectively sets the tone for this album.
Goodbye to Romance: The lead single off the album, I really like it! It's not what I was expecting because I didn't know what type of concept they were going for this time. It's fitting that they decided to tone it down a lot and show how versatile they are instead of constant upbeat songs. Their past 2 mini albums all had upbeat and midtempo songs except for Pray. So it makes sense that this time they would show us another side of Sunny Hill. I love Kota, I always will, I love her voice. Misung and the other singers sound great!!! I think it has more of a Christmas vibe to it and it fits the season.
Great, unique video AS TO BE EXPECTED from anyone under Nega and Loen. It's cute and creative, and all the members have a natural makeup look to them!! Kota looks so masculine though!! She always has but even more so this time, that's my only complaint.
Do You Want to Get Married?: Awww this song is soooo nice!! I believe they plan on promoting this song too because of they have the instrumental for this song including 'Goodbye to Romance'. I don't care for their voices because they referred to cutesy and it's become very nasally which annoys the crap out of me. I just want to hear their regular voices!!! But I love that jazzy switch in the middle!!! That was sooo good!! But the song isn't bad at all, I just don't like their voices. Sorry.
3-Out: It becomes mid-tempo here, reminds me of something that belonged on the 'To the Beautiful You' soundtrack haha. It's so nice and carefree and fun!!

Overall: I wasn't expecting this genre change, mainly because all year we've gotten poppy stuff to I guess announce their presence. But, with the season, these songs fit perfectly! I don't even think they really cared to promote with something serious this time around. They just put something out. But still, Sunny Hill's music always has substance and so do their videos, but I am slightly disappointed because their concepts aren't as strong as 'Midnight Circus' and 'The Grasshopper Song'. Those 2 albums were AMAZING, seriously, go listen to how amazing the composition of those songs are!! And the lyrics, just wow!!! But this time it's just....meh...ok...nothing that really sets them apart from anyone else currently. But, I am a Hiller, I LOVE Sunny Hill and Kota, but this album just won't be on my ipod...but I do realllly like the first song and the lead single!!

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