Tuesday, December 4, 2012

'Talk That' Secret Music Video Review

When I first heard that this song would be called 'Talk That' I was like aigggooooo, too much Rihanna. But the song worked out. Yay for Secret coming back again! Not much of a concept change, still sexy, softer image though.
The Song: There isn't much to it, not all that different. But I like the chorus, the 'Talk that talk that talk that' part. And I LOVEDDD that we got to hear Zinger sing, although, hearing a soft rap from her might have worked as well. The concept is different for them though, they normally don't do these type of soft, sadder mid-tempo songs, so if I had heard this from another group, I wouldn't know it was them. Especially since there is no rap at all. But I know all their differences so that doesn't work lol...Anyways, song is meh.
The Dance: Love it, best choreo they've ever had, seriously. It's sexy and classy. I love Hyosung's dance break, so great!!! Love it!!!!
The Video: Dramatic, they were pretty good actresses, I can feel them trying to convey their emotions and they nailed it. Some girl groups can't act at all, but they pulled this off. Especially Sunhwa, loved her. Hyosung was gorgeous!! However, the set with the all black and the lights...that looks like the same setting B.A.P. used for 'No Mercy' and their other videos...hmm...TS....lol I hope you guys don't start putting your artists into oddly lit rooms like SM now...please...But overall, it's nice.

Good song, doesn't do much for me, I just like that 'talk that talk that talk that' part since it's repetitive and catchy. Love the choreo, everyone is gorgeous and sexy, I prefer this class side to them. 'Poison' choreo was just too much crotch so I'm glad they toned it down a bit here and still kept some sexy. This is a good time for them to promote given Sunhwa's popularity and there aren't any major artists promoting now, so yay for Secret!!

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