Thursday, December 13, 2012

'What Are You Doing Today' 2nd Mini Album Review Hello Venus

1 of the top rookie girls groups to debut this year is back with their 2nd mini album 'What Are You Doing Today'. I really enjoy their songs and they are one of my favorite rookie girl groups(for what reason I don't know) so I've decided to review their new album!
What Are You Doing Today?: This time, all 5 members get to promote(one of their members couldn't promote earlier this year bc of injury). I don't care for the song, it's too cutesy, nothing to set them apart from other girl groups right now that promote this type of image. They've always have the cutesy image however this song is too overbearing with it. They sound typical like alot of people. I'll pass on this
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Romantic Love: They slow it down, a cute mid-tempo song. It's not bad, not something I would put on my ipod bc their voices annoy me. I don't like that cutesy type of singing because it's so nasally. Ugh. Some of the members can actually sing, like Lime, but I really don't care for Alice's vocal skills...
First Love: This is kind of like a ballad, it's ok...doesn't do anything for me.
Same: They tried, it's nice that they picked up the pace and sounded more poppy, but it's still meh...I enjoyed Lime's rap though!!
Winter Fantasy: I guess you could treat this as a Christmas song...I kind of like it, very reminiscent of their other stuff and this is what I would prefer to hear.

Overall: I honestly don't care for this album at all. I prefer their first mini album, they don't sound any different from A Pink or Dal Shabet or any other relevant cutesy rookie girl group...I hope next time around they produce more quality stuff because this album just doesn't cut it for me. And now I only stick around for that bad lol?? 

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