Thursday, January 3, 2013

Block B Sues Their Own Company!! Fear of Disbandment??

Oh dear!! It seems that their CEO of Stardom has not been paying them for about a year!!! Ain't that some BS!! They are asking for their contract to be nullified since the CEO hasn't fulfilled any of the promises so Block B is either throwing up the deuces or a possibility of disbandment...which is unlikely. 
I don't think they will disband, I think they just want to give a wake up call for their CEO and find another company. I don't know too many idol groups that have been successful with attempting this except Shinhwa so hopefully a company will pick them up together as 7.
They most likely waited till now to confront their CEO because their contract probably just ended so hopefully they get the money they deserve and stay together!! They're so talented it can't go to waste...

Update!! Zico and Kyung have removed all signs of Block B off their twitters!!!!!
Could it be that they are disbanding??? Or they will no longer even be a group??? Or some will remain some won't like DBSK?? This isn't the reality I just got real....

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