Friday, January 4, 2013

Block B vs Stardom Entertainment

It has definitely become a battle now because Block B has released their response to the official statement from the company. And according to's all bull shit. Welp!!
Their lawyers replied back stating that the company is trying to place everything on Mr. Lee when in fact they DID use Mr. Lee as their CEO and that they did not reach a compromise with their contracts. They still were not getting paid and that the truth will be revealed in court!!

So it seems that Block B are still continuing with their law suit and more trouble ahead...oh dear.
I just find it so weird that the members seemed fine on Twitter a whole 24 hours before the world became known of the lawsuit....
But now people who weren't fans of Block B now realize they were telling the truth about the Thailand incident and how they didn't have any money. THEY SERIOUSLY DIDN'T HAVE ANY MONEY!! SEE!! I know that idol groups don't really get paid much at all, but it's even worst for Block B because apparently PO had to pay for their outfits one time. That's ridiculous!! 
So stay tuned for more developments!!

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