Sunday, January 27, 2013

'Disturbance' BoA MV Review

BoA has released a new digital single called 'Disturbance' with the a music video featuring of Taemin from Shinee....I thought he was going to lend his voice to the song and I actually anticipated this, but no he's the male lead in this video...ok...
The Song: Really good song, it's pop/r&b kind of ballad, it's what I was expecting judging from the photo teasers. I think it's a continuation of her last album because it gave me those type of vibes, nothing notably different. But it's not that's good, just nothing special...
The Video: Cinematography is the same as her 'Only One' and it seems to be a reoccurring theme with SM and other kpop artists. Very crystal clear but gives off a mellow feeling. I thought the quote at the end was really cool because of the timer thing...that's cool haha. But everything else...their acting was hard to haha I'm so sorry. Everytime I saw those 2 interact I just thought Awkward, awkward, awkward, NOONA NOONA NOONA NOONA  lol. Yes it's only a 7 YEARS AGE DIFFERENCE but...still...That's like me interacting with Leeteuk...that's so weird. And they clearly looked awkward, CUTE but awkward. I could see the forceful time
Other than that, the video was good...

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