Wednesday, January 30, 2013

'Eraser' 2nd Mini Album ALi Review

ALi!!! MY QUEEN IS BACK!!!! Even though I wish it was another full album, I'm content with EVERYTHING she puts out!!
Eraser: A beautiful ballad, with a beautiful voice, from a beautiful person
Starring the wonderful Choi Ji Woo, this music video is very sad and haunting, fits ALi's beautiful voice!!

The Tears Gone ft Kang Joon of C-Clown: This is a very interesting combination of singers, I have never listened to C-Clown so I can't judge his abilities but he sounds perfect with ALi! But I think her voice outshines him alot, either way they sound amazing. Beautiful voices!!!!
Don't Say Another Word: More upbeat compared to the previous songs, I love the composition!! ALi...just how can someone with an amazing voice exist?!! Jeez...great song of course!!
Selfish: Now that you put this song on the album with the others, it seems out of place haha. This was pre-released earlier and of course I loved it when it came out. Very upbeat, strong vocals, amazing woman. LOVE HER!!!

Obviously this is a great mini album because it's ALi. All of the songs are great and she has one of the best voices in the WORLD. For those that don't know her, listen to her first album which you can download and listen to her live performances from Immortal Song 2. Her vocal abilities will blow you away!!
I FREAKING LOVE ALi!!!!!!! Can't wait for another full album!!


  1. Hey, ALi :)

    I'm not a big of her, because musically I'm not hooked. But I love her voice when she sings in her lower register.

    When I heard the 2nd track of this mini album, I was like "Is this Wheesung singing with her?". I almost thought it was him instead of C-Clown lol I've never heard of C-Clown before, but his voice reminded me of Wheesung (one of my favourite Korean singers). I'll definitely check him out then.
    This 2nd track is my favourite,

    As for "Selfish", I'm glad that ALi gets to show (off hehe) some speedy flow with her voice in her albums. Really cool.
    Her upper chest voice is not my cup of tea but she's good whatever she does at this point :) I'd like her to work on her emotional voice more in the future, and explore more in terms of musicality (I'm usually not fan of ballads). Why not doing an unexpected featuring...with a very different artist.

  2. Ahhh ALi is THE BEST THERE IS, look up her performance of Thorn Birds live and you will def see how capable she is!! I love ballads!!
    Apparently Wheesung worked with her on the song so maybe he did lend his voice a little.
    Listen to her 1st album it's AMAZING, this album is more ballad but her first album is more upbeat :)

  3. I'll watch this performance, then :) So far, I've only listened to one album of her (with a few older songs) and 2 live performances.

    I didn't know that! That's pretty cool, Wheesung is in the military right now but he did work on several songs with other artists befre he left, I thought that there was only one artist but she's one of them too now ^^
    I'd have to listen to the song again (3rd time) to know if Wheesung really sang on it.

  4. Yes I miss Wheesung!! I can't wait to hear his amazing voice again!!


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