Wednesday, January 30, 2013

'Gone, Not Around Any Longer' Single Album Review Sistar19

Sistar is back, this time with the sub-unit and they will continue to overshadow the other members, but whatever. I did like Ma Boy but I can't say I loved it...but 'Gone, Not Around Any Longer' is AMAZING!!!
Intro: Nice, Hyorin cooing
Gone Not Around Any Longer: AMAZING. R&b/pop ballad, a different side to them. I think of this song like 'Alone part 2' because it has that same it's Brave Brothers he never really switches it up. Since Alone was a major hit, he decided to continue with that theme, and it works great here. Hyorin sounds amazing and overpowers Bora as usual, but I liked how Bora delivered her rap. It shows her versatility. I really like the song!!
Sexy, wouldn't be any other way haha. They keep redefining sexy in Korea. They keep it classy and sexy without showing too much and actually offering sensual choreography. I liked the see through table thing, making it seem like they were floating, I liked their dance break, but I also like their mini acting scenes too. I think the video was all over the place however, it had the sadness with the acting, but then the choreography parts, it didn't work cohesively all the time. But still, nice video.
A Girl In Love: Great r&b song!! I love it!! I love Hyorin and I really loved Bora's rapping!! Great song!! One of the best songs I've heard from Sistar since they've been out when I've seriously liked it the minute I heard it! LOVE IT!!!
They included Ma Boy...lmao
They plan on promoting both songs since they have provided both instrumentals so...

I really like these 2 songs, SISTAR keeps improving, with or without all 4 members, nothing to really complain about. It's just, they keep presenting us with the same concept...all the time. But that's what sells, it would be nice to see if they could try their hand at something different...I don't know...but regardless, these songs are good!!

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