Thursday, January 17, 2013

'Harvest Moon' 2Yoon Sub-unit/4Minute Mini Album Review

My favorites in 4minute Jiyoon and Gayoon are finally getting the attention they deserve while Hyuna plots her next move to show her crotch. TRUE talent...I mean 2Yoon is the name of the sub-unit for the girls and their Country with a Kpop twist....I don't know how I feel about that, I was expecting something glamorous to match their vocals...but 2013 is so far the year of fresh ideas. Hopefully they impress with their first mini album...
24/7: This is the lead single's cutesy, fun, uplifting, makes you dance or's not necessarily country. Even with the doesn't make it country, but I'm glad they weren't overbearing with that theme. It's could do well on the charts and appeal to the older audience...but I don't really care for it. I applaud them however for wanting to attempt to put something new on the radio. but this theme really doesn't suit them...
Nice western theme, cute. Gayoon has lost a lot of weight! Sometimes she's unrecognizable, and Jiyoon just looks awkward HAHA. I love her, but this is not her genre. Sometimes I forget that when 4Minute first debuted, Jiyoon was seen mainly as a rapper with little vocal line but ever since Immortal Song, the company made her step up to the plate. Gayoon can't always carry the group and Jihyun being irrelevant and Seohyun being a dancer and Hyuna with nothing but dance, Jiyoon had to help. Gayoon too looks awkward, Jiyoon shined and had more energy...but like I said, the company did them wrong for doing this genre!!
Nightmare ft Ilhoon of BTOB: I can do without him rapping...sorry. I reallllly like this song, I like the composition of it, but it fits weirdly after going after that horrendous song previously haha. I just want Gayoon and Jiyoon's voices, didn't need Ilhoon...even though...I like him hahaha. His rapping was reallllllllly good, but it doesn't fit the vibe since it's random...GREAT SONG.
Why Not: This is more pop/rock, kind of reminds me of like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood...anyways LOL GREAT SONGGGGGG. Gave me some chills a little, great voices.
Se Se Se ft Kikaflo: Amazing....and it's nice that they started off with Kikaflo, his presence isn't random. GREAT SONG, a little r&b/pop here...And Jiyoon composed this song, AMAZING. GOOD JOB GIRL!!! GREATTTTTTTTTSONNG. Very sultry and sexy, and the flow all works together.
Black Swan ft Nassun: OHHHHHHHHHHHH SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Amazzing. All I have to say. Like, the minute it came on...and the fact that it's with NASSUN! WHAT! Hip-hop/pop/dubstep, Jiyoon raps here and I'm glad she's bringing that back instead of always giving the rap lines to Hyuna. GREAT SONGGGGGGGGGG. 

Overall: I was really afraid that this album would suck since they really wanted to run away with having that country/pop concept and WHY? Every other song off this album is really good compared to anything I've ever heard since 4minute's first album. Nothing on this album fits with '24/7' I don't know why they thought it would be a good title song. I am so shocked at how amazing this mini album is apart from '24/7'. seriously, nothing but praises, not flaw...Better than Hyuna's stuff, better than what 4Minute has been putting out for the past 2 years...just. Ugh. Seriously, it's a good album!!! I wish they would get more shine and opportunities like this to show how talented these 2 are. But because they are overshadowed by Hyuna, they are put on the sides. But I'm soooo glad that they weren't thrown away and this album is sooo good...minus '24/7' LOL.

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