Tuesday, January 1, 2013

'I Got A Boy' SNSD Album Review

SNSD is back!!!!! Girl's Generation will now reign supreme whether you like it or not. They finally released their 4th album titled 'I Got A Boy' which is also their lead single!
I Got A Boy: They start the song off with lame rapping. Not needed. 30 seconds in, the instrumental changes and I reallllllllllllly like what is going on. Seriously, even though this isn't their style I seriousllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy liked it and it should've stayed that way....until they freaking sped it up. Not needed.  It's now more of their style because it's kind of cutesy but they are trying their hand at electric music which is ok. But it's too much going on. They don't need to rap...at all. I like the composition of it, but there's just too much going on. A HORRIBLE hybrid, there were really good separate songs in 'I Got A Boy' they didn't need to change it. They should've kept the slow part....or keep the fast part as the main. I really don't know what's going on here and it's soooooooooooooooo long. I don't need 5 minutes of SNSD. SM, why. There were good moments, and then it just went the down the drain sometimes. A lot of people agree. NOT NEEDED.
The video is typical. They are bopping off soooo many people it's ridiculous. Nothing original here. They think they some bad bitches. This isn't their style and they shouldn't do it ever again. It's nice that they wanted to switch it up, but no. I loved the choreography and Yuri looked like a bad bitch werk girl. Tiffany shined here and some people really do pull off this look, but others.....no.
Dancing Queen: Reviewed this earlier. Don't like.
Baby Maybe: More of their style, cutesy whatever. Not bad, it's typical SNSD. Nothing amazing but I think their mix of  random English and Korean worked really good here.
Talk Talk/Say the Words/Tell Me: Korean version of Boomerang....that's why I was like....I've heard this before LOLLLLLLLL. Anyways, I already reviewed it off their Japanese album which you can look for.  I thought it was decent and I liked it.
Promise: Good song. I liked their little attempt at r&b/pop I like the lyrics, I'm surprised at how they executed it well! Nice!!
Express 999: A little Michael Jackson-esque 90's pop, but I realllllllllly like it. Ha. But it sounds like it's been done before, it's good but it sounds too familiar...But I like their harmonies or whatever, but it's nice 90's pop but it also did the hybrid thing which I'm not here for but the song is good!!
Lost in Love: .........I actually got goosebumps at how they sounded in the beginning.....Seriously, I can actually feel their feelings, this is the first time I actually praise their vocals!! It's a really good song!!!!
Look At Me: They're trying their hand at horrible rapping again. It's not the reality I wanted lol. More upbeat I think it would be a great jpop song. I like it but not the lyrics. The chorus is cheesy. I would like this song more if it came from someone else. Nice attempt though, kudos for that!
XYZ: Really good, this song could've been a good title song but I have a feeling about the lyrics...meh. But it's a good song!!
Romantic St: This song was used as the teaser for the drama version of 'I Got A Boy' and it's jazzy. I like that they tried to do this, it's broadway-esque it's reallllllly good actually. Their soft voices pull it off perfectly. Great song.

Overall: I feel like this album is consistent....and then I feel like it's not consistent. Like I'm left feeling confused right now because I don't know the vibe or concept they are going for. So...in that case that takes major points off for me. Not consistent, this album had songs that were all over the place. However, there were songs that were really good and I did like them!! I think this album is A MILLION times better than their other stuff but that's because they changed their genre into something more appealing for everyone. Do I care for it? Not really, mainly because they sound typical, like everyone else. They had a distinct style and it's nice that they want to change it up and show their versatility but you have to come direct with me. I need originality, something unique. Yea it's unique for SNSD...but I've heard this all before.
That being said, I think this is a great album, I enjoyed it, they might gain more fans because of this or they might not. They are definitely setting the bar for other idols this year, it should be interesting since they are competing in style with others(won't be mentioned but you know who) and I'm looking forward to it. I have mixed reviews about this album, it's not bad, it's not amazing either...but I like it somewhat...

Tell me what you think, don't repeat what I say, don't bash me, whatever, no hate!!


  1. Express 999, their best song on this album, is sadly just a copy of a song from Humming Urban Stereo. I can't remember the name of it, but it had a sort of eighties beat. And well, thanks for reviewing this album. :)

  2. Oh really?? Gahlee, SM keeps buying so many songs, it's annoying to have all these covers...

  3. Nice review! I thought Promise, 말해봐 and IGAB was probably my favourite tracks, was not expressed with Dancing Queen that should have stayed in the SM basement back in 2008. Imagine if they really did that instead of Gee. I also hope you will check out my dance cover and comment telling me what you think! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiblEYXEfYA
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