Thursday, January 10, 2013

Infinite H 'Fly High' Mini Album Review

Infinite's hip hop sub-unit 'Infinite H' have released their first mini album. Hoya and Dongwoo are the rappers and main dancers of the group and I'm so glad they were the next to get their "solo" opportunities. Woolim is good and promoting pretty much every member in the group, great company!!
Victorious Way: Is this an Eazy-E sample?!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHHHHHHHHH! They are actually using real hip hop on this album like they said they would!! Kudos. Seriously. They sound really good! They're not just random rappers assigned in a particular group, they actually know hip hop. I'm very impressed. Great intro and sets the tone for the album!!
Special Girl ft Bumkey:  The song is really good!!! It's good that they chose this as the title song because it's not too hard core, it's not too soft either it still has the hip hop vibe to it! I like that they used a lower tone in their voice, they aren't yelling at me(like some rappers do), and it always surprises me that they sing so well too! Hoya and Dongwoo compliment each other so well! Hoya brought the sexy, Dongwoo brought the cute, it's perfect!!
Cute and humorous video! Hoya was sexy!!! I really want to hug him, he looks like a great cuddler lol. And Dongwoo was really cute!! I can never take him seriously because I know that his personality is so off the wall and all over the place but he's cute here! Nice video!
Without You ft Zion T: AHHHHHHH this is my JAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. When they performed it at the MBC Gayo I was soooo shocked! It's a realllllly good song. I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH! It's very chill and low key, sexayyyyyy. Love this song seriously. Once I watched the performances I anticipated this album A LOT and gah. I love it. Great r&b song and their vocals are a plus with their raps.
I Can't Tell You ft Gaeko of Dynamic Duo: The fact that Gaeko is on this song is enough to call it amazing. Great song, 'nuff said.
Fly High ft Baby Soul: Great song, more popish and old school hip hop. Baby Soul has amazing vocals!!

Overall: Best album to start off 2013. Seriously. I knew I would like this album anyways, but after hearing it, it exceeded my expectations, the only flaw is that I wish it was longer. Great album, can't stress it enough. Good job Woolim, AMAZING job Hoya and Dongwoo I love yall and thank you for producing a hip hop album and collabing with amazing people. I haven't loved a sub-unit since GD&TOP and even then I didn't enjoy that album start to finish because they didn't stick with hip-hop. This unit did. So congrats to that. GREAT ALBUMMMMMMMMMM

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