Sunday, January 20, 2013

MFBTY(MyFansBetterThanYours) 'Sweet Dream' Review

Project group MFBTY comprised of Tiger Jk, Tasha/Yoon Mirae, and Bizzy came out with a single called 'Sweet Dream'. I'm so glad T and Tiger JK are doing more music but I still need a full album!! Not just singles or whatever, but I shall wait....
Sweet Dream: It's electronic, pop and what not, I wasn't really expecting this type of genre from them but it's pretty good. Their rapping is good as usual, but there's nothing AMAZING about the song, I do like the verses however, dope beat. But the actual song is just meh...I just want the hardcore JK and T back that's all. And I feel like Bizzy barely got a chance to shine, the song is so short!
Wow. Fucking AWESOME. HOLY CRAP!!! It's the best music video...I....have ever seen!! It's soooo freaking cool, the visuals and the themes is just WOW. I haven't seen anything like this before!! SOOOOOOO cool. Just...amazing, I'm in awe!!! Seriously AMMMMMMMMMMMAZZZZZZINNNNNNGGGGGG. Super cool!!!!
Bizzy/Tiger/YoonMirae: This is the hip hop I was waiting on!!! Finally!! Dope, amazing, the reign is here!!! I really wish it was a full album!! Tasha's English is....AHHHHH I really need for her to come back...seriously. She is THE BEST in Korea. THE BEST. I don't care what you losers say. CL...nothing...Miryo...close...but not enough. Nothing. The Queen. JK, I can never really understand him ever ahaha, but I'm sure it was good. I like Bizzy, he's awesome too. Great song!! I like that they named it after their names, dope beat. 

WHY WASN'T THIS A FREAKING ALBUM OR SOMETHING!!! Jungle Entertainment...please, give us more Tasha and JK. Please. No more empty promises.


  1. This is exactly the kind of review I was looking for!! Thank you lol

    I mean, I've read/heard (vlogs) a few reviews on the net, and they were either "empty" (just introducing the song in a positive way) or overly enthusiastic "awesome song".

    I like your review because we think the same on everything here! Visuals=YES Song=MEH

    Funny how no one talks about the other song that actually sounds hip hop and that actually is the first track of the single! lol No coincidence, the kpop/electro A-side did its job, and it did it very well.
    I'm not fond of Bizzy/Tiger/YoonMirRae though, I like it but not too much. It really compensates for the lead song, to me.

    I'm not very familiar with Miryo but I wouldn't even compare her to T. And CL is overhyped.

  2. Thank you sooooo much for your comment!! Miryo is extremely talented but her rapping style is different, I can relate more to Tasha than Miryo, and CL needs to grow and spread her wings a bit more. She reminds me of the Nicki Minaj of kpop, but I think she can show the world that one day she will be a talented rapper.

  3. You're welcome :)

    I agree with Miryo having a different style (pop) than Tasha which is probably why I can't get into her (this and her voice), just like Rimi or Evia.
    CL did interest me when she was a trainee, I remember this live with some YG family guys, too bad she had to have an soft/pop image. She indeed needs to grow as a rapper, true.

  4. Miryo is verrrrry good though, I LOVE E.via when her voice isn't so high pitched and I like Rimi on the occassion

    Yes she was freestyling for her pre-debut!!I think the company is just pushing CL as the main everything and it's annoying because she should just stick with rapping and focus on her writing skills...

  5. OK, I'll give Miryo's rap a real try this time by actually listening to whole albums, not just random songs. Look what you did to me lol just kidding :p

    Yeah, CL was freestyling, and I was like "hey, she's good!" but then she became a member of 2NE1 and I kinda stopped following her.

  6. Haha, Miryo's freestyle is AMAZING and 'Revenger' is my favorite song by her, very powerful song!

    CL lost her "street cred" let's just say that haha. She's still my ultimate bias, I just need for her to step her game up.

    Do you have a tumblr or Twitter or anything? I would like to follow you!!

  7. Sorry for replying late, I thought you wouldn't reply so I forgot to check this post again lol

    I agree on CL :p

    Hey, "Revenger" is good, I'd just prefer less auto-tune but she sounds really cool :) (I've just listened to it, like now)

    I don't have a tumblr, no twitter either. I do have a facebook but I barely post anything there lol I'm very boring.
    Oh, now that I think of it, I'm quite active with my youtube account, here it is:

    I'll be posting more vids soon, next one will be a top 7 of Japanese female rappers.

  8. oh ok that's interesting I will def tune in!!

  9. Sorry to comment on something off-topic but...I've just uploaded the video of female j-rappers, I thought you would like to check it out on my youtube channel ^^

  10. I liked your video!! It's a very interesting list! I've never gotten into rapping in Japan, it took me forever to like Korean rap but I will keep this list in mind!

  11. Hey, thank you! I noticed it but didn't know it was you :)
    I started with Japanese underground rap actually (and then dancehall/reggae) which is unusual haha I'm glad you found it interesting! Some of these female rappers are no longer active sadly, but you'll also find very good stuff with male rappers anyway.

    And the "BizzyTigerYoonMiRae" song has totally grown on me these days, I'll definitely have it on my pm4 player!!


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