Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sunye to Conclude All Wonder Girls Activities

Sunye is leaving the Wonder Girls and she plans on revealing her future plans for her wedding press conference.
I knew that she was going to leave, it was only a matter of time...but I still feel weird about it. She said that she would "halt" promotions but I'm pretty sure that once she settles down and really starts thinking about her family, Wonder Girls will get put on the back burner...and it seriously makes since that Sunmi would rejoin the just doesn't feel right without Sunye, she the original member and the leader of the group...

Alot of Korean netizens have made several points about how the events for the rest of the members will turn out...Ye Eun is a good composer, but Sohee will continue doing pictorials and what not, but Yubin and Lim??? They would pretty much reduce to nothing. Maybe they can continue if they add Sunmi back...but honestly I really see the end for the Wonder Girls. JYP has made pretty bad decisions with his artists. Look at h.o.t....then with 2pm...and miss A had a promising chance but the public pretty much only cares for 1 member...what will happen to his artists??? I love the company, I loved WG and miss A and occasionally 2pm...but things are just slowly falling apart.
But we don't know what the future holds but I think it's best that JYP just debut another group and this time manage them more properly.

Once the press conference info is released, we will have more info!!


  1. In my opinion Wonder Girls will not fall apart,I know that sun was one of the main pieces of the group but tbqh she wasnt the most popular of the group. And if they end i think that each one of them can fit in other groups, Yenny could totally do a solo career, Sohee could keep her job as a visual and doing dramas maybe, Yubin could enter a rookie group as a rapper and Lim could re-join Miss A like she was suppose to. I think that we shouldn´t stress much, 2PM also lost their lider and they are still one of the most famous groups in korea so... <3

  2. That's a quite interesting look on this situation, however that has never successfully happened with kpop groups. Yes I think Yenny would have a good solo career, Sohee would just keep being a visual but Yubin joining a rookie group?? And Lim going back to miss A??? I doubt it...seriously. 2pm has a split fandom, 2pm hasn't had a major hit since 'Again&Again' and 'Hearbeat'...
    I mean the way JYP manages his artists, I could see some of the WG just leaving the company altogether. They will fall apart. They already have been.


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