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'Dream Girl Chapter 1: The Misconceptions of You' Shinee Album Review

SHINEE'S BACK!!!!!!! We all knew there would be a part 2 because they said so after last year's return with 'Sherlock' but now SHINEE'S BACK!!! With 'Dream Girl'!!!!!
Judging off the album cover, we are in for a ride, very creative album cover!!!!
Spoiler: I'm sure everyone was confuzzled once the beginning of 'Sherlock' started playing, but then it was like SIKEEEE and gave us the new Shinee. Like I said, what I will always commend producers in SM on, they know how to harmonize and stack their artists. Listen to this and tell me how flawless this song is. I actually like the monotone start here that SM KEEPS using on all their artists, but this time IT IS PERFECT. Normally I haven't heard Shinee go that low, but they sound sexy!! And the chorus!! AMAZING. Great album starter, it's introducing us to the new genre they are experience with in kpop. This album is supposed to be acid electric pop funk so some people may not want this from Shinee, but I'm here for it!!
Dream Girl: The title song, obviously, I like it, it's got this 80's pop sound to it, with a little modern flare to it. I'm not sure what this genre is but it's fitting them well...Everyone sounds good with the singing except Minho but we will leave that alone. His rap was nice!! It's not my favorite title song they've ever put out, but I'm 100% sure it'll grow on me just like every SM song. It will grow and become annoying lol. Once the video and choreo is out, I will jam haha. But the song isn't bad at all...
This video is AMAZING so much 80's and post modernism stuff going on here. I finally get to overlook a room full of lights THIS IS THE BEST SM MUSIC VIDEO!!! I hate their outfits but whatever 80's is the theme lol. GREAT VIDEO!!!! Choreography is great!! I just don't think they need to fool around dragging those microphone stands, it kind of slows them down but I'm sure they will pull it off live very well haha.
Hitchhiking: More synthesizers here at the beginning, then it transcends to that genre we are being introduced to again, I can tell alot of people won't like this album because they aren't used to this genre. But it fits them well!! TAEMINNNNN his voice is GREATTT. He's no Jonghyun but I prefer his voice over Key's now because he provides a type of intensity similar to Jonghyun making you notice him now. Sometimes Jonghyun is overbearing and that's when Onew comes on to break that. Vocally they have become AMAZING from when they first started off. Minho's rapping is more intense too, he doesn't sound drowsy. Great song after all of that. I could do without the resemblance to the synthesizers similar to 'Note' off their last album...but other than that GOOD SONG.
Girls Girls Girls: Ok, they had to go back to their roots and bring back the pop that everyone is used to and light feathery lame music. I was so used to the intensity they were giving us, and then to all of a sudden bring this song in, it threw me off and I don't like that. Consistency I said WHERE IS CONSISTENCY??!! It's a song I'm sure all Shawols will like, but I'll pass on this song. Maybe if they provided a better transition into this theme, then maybe it would seem right, but this song is so basic, it's annoying. They could've put this song back in the vault or release it under the Repackage or something you know?? Just PASS.
Punch Drunk Love: I knew immediately that this would give me Prince vibes lol. We transition back to the 80's electric funk pop era again but it's softer this time. I would've preferred this over the previous song because this song fits with everything they've done up to that point. It's very Princey to me with typical Shinee/SM vibes haha. I like it, it's upbeat and what not. But the chorus part, reminds me of Shinee songs when all of them sing together, but then it's very reminiscent of 80's pop back then, and that electric piano run is like the PERFECT homage to 80's music hahaha. It's not my favorite, but it's amazing it what they are trying to do. VERRRRYY 80's pop funk!! The composition is AMAZING but it's not my favorite song.
Aside: And back to a slower song, but it fits more with a ballad with the modern era, Jonghyun opening is great, his voice is great. And did I mention how amazing TAEMIN HAS BECOME???? Anyways, it's good 80's fun here, not bad, I don't care too much for it, but their harmonies are PERFECT on this album.
Beautiful: Omg I almost gagged at first because it sounded so much like 'Beauty and a Beat' lol thankfully it's not. As the song progresses, the beat tries to climax, but then goes back down. It's great. The song is very soft, even though it has that electric 80's pop and upbeatness to it, it's not. Mid-tempo and the catchy 'Adamdawo~' is great...and then when Minho starts rapping, it's great!!! Great song, very catchy!
Dynamite: Taemin is giving me everything!! Very David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Prince vocal composition going on. Honestly, this album is pretty much freaking flawless. They are giving me very 80's sexy right here just, some people won't get this album, but I totally do lol. It's GREAT, jeez...Great 80's pop, Jonghyun and Taemin are everything here!! Onew and Key are great during the chorus too, just this song is GREATTTT. Soooo Prince hahaha. But this song also has the modernness to it too!!
Runaway: Modern electric techno pop, I love it! It kind of reminds me of 'Bad Girl' by B2st but I like this song too!! GREATTTTTTT. Amazing way to close the album!!

Overall:This album....I'm kind of speechless...When I first heard the medley highlight, I honestly hated it. I didn't think I would like this album...but after listening to all the songs...this album...has been the best thing SM has consistently and abstractly produced in YEARS. This genre Shinee has introduced into kpop isn't new, but for Kpop it is...And normally I don't like when artists experiment with sounds because 9 out of 10 that experiment brings down the group...But not here, this album was PERFECT(if you throw out Girlsx3). This experiment with a new sound for Shinee and SM in general worked PERFECTLY. I LOVE the album, and even if I don't personally like every song, I will not deny how amazing Shinee effortlessly pulled off this sound. 
Taemin has grown so much vocally and I always admit that SM has the best vocal coaches because they can make an artist who had nothing at the beginning if that person has the talent. His voice is so freaking perfect on this album....just AMAZING.
Minho, he has grown SOOO much too. His raps would always lack energy, it sounded forced, but on this album he has intensity and makes you listen to him. However, I wish they wouldn't put random rap lines where they aren't needed...Other than that he was GREAT.
Too much Jonghyun on this album, but he sounds amazing as usual, it always amazes me what all he can do with his voice!
Onew has a great upper register, but he was almost non existent here...I want to hear more of him but I know they put him with harmony. But I love his voice, it offers something different between Jonghyun and Taemin and Key...
Key is AMAZING too, I just wish I heard more of him here apart from harmony.
The only flaw I would have with this album is line distribution and 'Girlsx3' it's not needed, it threw off the groove.
I know some people may disagree with the review and the genre of this album, but I freaking love it!!


  1. I like the song! :)

    Shinee is kinda the only idol group I casually listen to, their sound is usually fresh, a bit groovy and very catchy. The funk mixture suits them well, I remember their old song "Love like oxygen".
    I'll listen to their album soon. Their sound usually doesn't disappoint me.

    I wouldn't care much about the exact genre their music currently is, it's just pop to me lol Pop is sometimes a mixture of funk/disco, reggae, hip hop, electro, rock, etc, but it's essentially pop.

  2. Yes it is Pop at the end of the day, but it's a different type of sound most people aren't used to hearing so I really wanted to clarify that SM finally used producers from all over the world to give them a different vibe.

  3. Hm, I see. I guess I didn't get it as I haven't listened to the album yet, sounds interesting then!

  4. You should! It's a great album!!

  5. So I listened to the album! favourite tracks are: Beautiful, Spoiler, Dream Girl and Hitchhiking. In that order, I think :)
    Runaway was cool... it almost (almost!) made think of Perfume at one point (a Japanese electro/pop group, really fresh and catchy productions, they're one of my favourite kind of pop by the way). The rap was really not necessary though. And I'd take any Perfume's songs over Shinee's Runaway anyday :p

    Good album indeed, though I wasn't blown away as I wasn't hooked to their vocals (they're good, I just prefer stronger/more interesting/groovy vocals). First time that I listen to an album of Shinee, yeah, shame on me lol I usually just hear their singles.

    I also struggle to name the exact genre of this album...but what I can remember from it is the electro/dance/pop/funk vibe. Good production. The 80s are definitely back now in the music industry and that's a good thing :)

  6. OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I Love PERFUME!!! I am obsessed with them I've been their biggest fan since 2010! I'm glad you love them too!!

    You should DEFINITELY listen to the 'Lucifer' album and their first album. Shinee does good with r&b/pop so it was very refreshing for them to do this style of music.

  7. Good, another Perfume fan!!! :D

    OK, I'll listen to their other albums, sounds interesting to hear them doing R&B/pop.


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