Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm losing touch with Kpop...

I no longer care for the mainstream kpop because it is reminding me alot of the same stuff I hear on the radio in America I have so much love for Big Bang and 2ne1 and Shinee and other idols, but they all sound the same to me. Big Bang and 2ne1 do offer creativity and something I haven't heard or seen occasionally, but still. It's repetitive.

And not just them but other groups, their music kind of bores me now. So I'm leaving the mainstream kpop world and this blog will ONLY consist of the music that I listen to. At first I only did this to get page views but what's the point. I want to educate people that there's more to South Korea then lame Korean idols that call their art "real music".

I thank those that have been looking at my blog all the time but it's time for me to leave kpop and focus on ballads/r&b/hip-hop because that's the main music I LOVE.

I will do reviews from people that I will ALWAYS have love for, but not for you guys or for views.


  1. I understand you. I only hear a few K-pop idol groups, but think the same. So, because I love to know always more about music and discover new artists for me, I'll continue reading you :)

  2. Thank you so muchhhhhhh you're so sweet!!!

  3. That's cool for me ^_^ And I understand you too.

    Are you interested in doing a "Album/song/MV review request" post once in a while? I'd love to share artists I know and like, even though I'm pretty sure that you know a lot of awesome artists from what I've seen here so far!

    Wait, not a request thing, but more like a discussion (in the comment section) on new hot songs/albums that you didn't review (outside of the idol world of course)...which doesn't have to turn into a post from you at all, it could be interesting to do just that, just for the sake of it. What do you think? It might need more moderating though.

  4. I really like that idea!!!! You can recommend me some stuff and I will gladly do reviews for them!! And thank you for understanding!!

  5. Cool :)
    OK, I'll wait for a specific post from you and I'll gather all my recommendations properly, so I won't be off-topic here or on your other posts.


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