Sunday, February 24, 2013

'No. 1' Teen Top First Album Review

Honestly, the only reason why I keep up with this group is because their CEO is Andy of Shinhwa and that occasionally they have good songs...
But THEY'RE back and this time with their first full length album titled 'No. 1' how original...
No. 1 (Intro): BUAUAUAUAUA I like that intro at the beginning 'Finally it's a full album' hahahaha. Nice.
Miss Right: Interesting instrumental but it seems annoying and childish with the "lalalalala" and their style of music separates them alot from Infinite. I don't want to bring a fanwar into this but that's the main reason why I've lost interest in them. They haven't matured enough for me...But the song is nice without the "lalala" maybe if they were like 16...
Missing You: R&b midtempo song, I like it alot, it's very soothing! But nothing special except I like the line distribution I don't always hear Niel.
I Wanna Love: Their title song, and it was really nice and different at the beginning of the song, I like it alot!!! I like the sadness of the song and then at times it becomes encouraging and changes the key but it goes back to sadness. The only thing I don't like is how pop-ish and mainstream it sounds. I could do without all the sounds and how they keep saying 'Teen Top' in the's annoying. Other than that, the song is nice!!
Stop Girl: I immediately thought of U-kiss haha BUT I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! Old school and modern r&b/pop! Great song, very chill, alot of rapping instead of the vocals, it transitions well!! GREATTTTTT SONG!!! Seriously, every now and then they are capable of producing great songs and that's why I still listen to Teen Top!!
Why: Hahaha I like the little intro, but the song transitions into like a cutesy song you could jam to in the summer. It's cute and fun!
Hello: Another stab at r&b/pop and it's good, I REALLY like the chorus and how it was composed! The song isn't bad at all!!
Never Go Back: Cutesy r&b haha, more upbeat and mid-tempo! I like the chorus, it's catchy!
Mad At U: Electronic/dubstep/pop for this genre, I like that they decided to do this after all the r&b/pop. I really love the chorus!!! It's really good and catchy!! And I love their reference to their previous song from last year hahaha, I'm not a hardcore Angel but I totally caught that!!
So Sweet: I'm getting tired with the random English intros and the "TEEN TOP" stuff, like we know who you are! But this song is very westernized, I could totally hear this being played on the radio! It has appeal, but it doesn't offer me anything however. It's a great song to jam to for like the summer or something...but other than that, I've heard it before...
Get Crazy: I liked the beginning alot (except for the name drop) but this song too has western appeal and I could hear it being played on the radio here. It's fun!! But I know they can get crazier with the song, given the name haha.
Mr. Bang ft Maboos and Chakun of Electroboyz: Hip-hop here for the rappers and it's really good hahaha! Very sexy, however the song is banned because of lyrical content. The english rap is very reminiscent of rappers in America hahaha, but it's good. I like the beat alot!!

Overall: This album will kill you Angels because it's really good for their first album! I don't think it's bad because it is their first album and they can continue to grow next time they release another album! In terms of production and composition, this album is pretty much flawless, I just wish there was more to Teen Top as a hole. But I don't have anything negative to say about the songs in general. I like that they did pop, r&b, hip-hop and electro-pop for this album to show their versatility which I always admired about them. They are capable of doing well with whatever genre is given to them. Me personally, I don't care too much about this album and it won't be on my ipod save for a few songs, but Angels out there this is a GREAT album!!!

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