Monday, February 11, 2013

'One Shot' Mini Album Review B.A.P.

They're bacccccccccccccccccccck.
Ugh. Honestly, it's getting tiring. I have reviewed every single thing they've put out, it's too much haha. I think it's great that they changed up their concept and image with their last song, however they're back with the same theme and it's boring. I get that they don't want to be forgotten, however there is no change in style and music and it's getting highly repetitive. Take a break, come up with some new material that'll get people's attention apart from talent.
Punch: The song doesn't offer anything much for me, because it sounds like something I've heard before. The fake horn instrumental sounds are annoying, it would be better if the sound was more authentic. This song is similar to 'No Mercy'...I'll pass. Daehyun sounds amazing as usual. But the composition they use with him is highly repetitive. They keep putting him in the high range and when he does the glide up to the higher note, we've heard it before. It was nice when they first came out, but they need to offer something different. Zelo's fast rapping, Yongguk's force, Daehyuns vocals like it's all the same. OFFER SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Granted this is only an intro song for what's to come even though it's 3 minutes long...
One Shot: Random english isn't need LOL. They start and end songs with the same thing over and over. Yonggguk, then lead to a vocal as the song builds up to the chorus and Daehyun takes over then the 2nd verse will have Zelo I mean it's SOOOOO typical, they've been using the same formula for songs since the beginning, I think they need to switch it up sometimes since it isn't working! Other than that, this song is typical of B.A.P. it's good, but I don't like it as much as everything else they've put out because it's more tamer. Meh. I'll pass. But did they say "BALLS TO THE WALL"????????????? lol
The only thing I like is the choreography. The Typical, seen it all before, I do like the little surprise at the end, other than that. No. Just. No. Aren't about that life. No. But Yongguk did a decent job with his acting!!
Rain Sound: I LOVED IT WHEN IT FIRST CAME OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT However it reminded me alot of Fact by B2st, but still I think the song is great!!!!!! I loved Zelo in this when he first started rapping because I could really feel it in his voice!! Everyone did great in relaying their feelings of the song. I think it's the best thing they've ever done!!! I wanted to review this when the song came out, but I wanted to wait for the album because I knew it was around the corner.
AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG Very creative and thought out!! I loved the paint!!! Nice! It was totally unexpected to see B.A.P. pull a video off like this since everything they've done before has been pop and hip-hop I guess. GREAT VIDEOOOOOOOOO.
Coma ft Jieun of Secret: I enjoy this more than the title song, it was in the music video. It has a more hip-hop vibe to it, and they finally sync Daehyun's voice together well with the deep grungy raps in the song. This is their most perfect song composition wise they have EVER made. Everything fits together PERFECTLY, it flows great!!!! Really good song!!
0(Zero): Sick of the random English. I like this song!! Starting off with Zelo and eases flawlessly to the singing. Nice way to end the album, uplifting and what not.

Honestly, there's nothing more to say about this album because they always come out with the same songs. I like that the other songs off the album are better than the title songs and that is always the case. It's nice that year ago around this time BAP debuted and they blew all rookie competition out of the water...But now, they're still coming out with that style every 3 months, it's quite repetitive.Seriously, they need a hiatus. I don't wanna hear anything from BAP till after 7 months. Let the producers come up with different material and a different concept. If they had stuck with 'Rain Sound' as their main song, it would've been fine. But no. Hopefully they will one day win an award on the Weekend Shows and take a long break because I hate to break it to you fans, I'm tired of BAP...I don't look forward to anything they put out...CAN THEY TAKE A YEAR OFF?!!!

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