Tuesday, February 12, 2013

'Rainbow Syndrome' Part 1 Album Review

I've always been a fan of Rainbow and loved all their music, so of course I was highly anticipating their return after like 2 years!
This is only Part 1 of the album, the other part will be released later so I will call this an actual album instead of mini album
Golden Touch: LOVE IT!!! Very 80's!!!!! Very upbeat and Rainbow-esque. They always gave off this vibe, a brighter version of what Nine Muses' music is like and they both have a lot of similarities. Anyways, I like the song!! It's a great way to start an album, it gets me really happy and ready to start my day hahaha.
Close Your Eyes: It's interesting that they decided to slow it wayyyy down right after the first song. I'm not all to keen on all the members and I know that not all of them have great vocals so I have no feelings for this song. It's sort of mid-tempo with a ballad feel to it. It didn't provide much for me because they sounded like SNSD when they sing ballads, not all of the members are great to listen to so if they work on that they both will do great. But this song is a miss for me.
Tell Me Tell Me: This is the title song and I was hoping that it didn't have anything to do with with Wonder Girls' 'Tell Me' and thank God it wasn't!! Very cutesy and upbeat and what not, I like it's fun and what not. I prefer the stronger image on them but the cutesy works too!! Nice song, I like every line that Woori raps in, even though she's not a rapper, she has a great voice for rapping!
Low budget but it's sooo cute!! I love their outfits!!! I love the choreography!! Great video, but nothing to it, reminds me alot of what 'I Got A Boy' MV could've been like.
Cosmic Girl: Kind of disco and 80's together but then they make it modern. I like it! Uplifting and upbeat once again, really gets you moving! Great and fun song!!
The Story Only I Know, You Will Never Know: We continue with the 70's and 80's here, reminds me alot of IU's stuff with the instrumental. It's not a ballad even though the title would allude to it, it's not. It's upbeat! The song is nice, nothing all that special to me.
In Love: Upbeat, a more modern Rainbow with 80's influence to it. Upbeat and uplifting.

This whole album so far has the vibe of something I could listen to on a roadtrip on the way to a water park or just fun in the sun hahaha. I like the style and concept for them because this suits them perfectly! There's only so much cutesy I can take, but they make it enjoyable to listen to. This isn't my style and I'm hoping that the rest of the album will be different and not as repetitive. It will be quite interesting if they do switch it up and come back with a more darker image; we'll just have to wait and see.
For those that are huge fans of Rainbow, this album is great! I like it and I've always liked Rainbow, but you won't see me jamming to this album on my ipod...
I will review the other songs once they are released and put them on this review page.

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