Sunday, March 17, 2013

"2nd Evolution" Mini album Evol Review

Evol are back!!!! My 2nd favorite female rookie group of 2012 was Evol and even though their company is having some major problems with Block B, the CEO was able to give them a 2nd chance at making a comeback. If you don't know who they are, they are the sister group to Block B, what 2ne1 used to be like when they first debuted only Evol is more edgier. Now they are back with their 2nd mini album and I'm sure it will impress just like their 1st album did!!
Get Up: Ummmm apparently this is for real the title's soooo short. It seems more like an intro because it does not have much appeal for a title song. It's repetitive not striking chorus although it is catchy...but it's missing the rest of the song...I like it...but it could've been more!! And they definitely won't chart with this song for sure!!
I like the video but it felt cheap because there was nothing to it, although I like that they are pushing Jucy and J-Da more! But like I said everything was lacking big time!!!
Love: A more calmer low key song but still upbeat. Nice and pop with a touch of hip hop in it. But nothing all that amazing like their first mini album was...Stardom...what happened???!!!

I'm so freaking disappointed Stardom!!!!

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