Sunday, March 3, 2013

'Affirmative Chapter 1' D-Unit 2nd Album Part 1

I'm so glad that they're back!!! My favorite female rookie group of 2012 is back but this time with the added member Janey from GP Basic. My anticipation for the album fell DRASTICALLY when I found that out but I think my opinion of her has changed now.
Live Until The End: This track was pre-released a couple weeks back and I was IN LOVE with it then and I'm in LOVE with it now. Zico produced this song and it's AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Great way to start the album it's AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I freaking love it!!!
Talk To My Face: This is the title song and it's more cutesy and upbeat compared to what they've always done. I don't really like Ujin's upper register here, same with Ram but I really liked Zin (she's my favorite) and Jney surprised me!! She doesn't have that squeakiness in her voice anymore and she's definitely improved! Her rapping is good and her low voice adds more color to the group however her age still bothers me. She can't relate to any of the songs, the youngest member Zin is the same age as me 20 so it worked. But throwing her in there just...makes it weird. And she barely got any lines in this song!! But you can tell that they need to appeal more compared to their other stuff so this song is really good, I don't love it but it has appeal and could get them attention!!
I love the choreo!! As usual haha. They've switched it up they have colors!! However, they still kept their style so even though it's not so hip-hop and grundgey it still looks cool. Love the choreo!!! JNEY barely got screen time...
Lockdown: I like the instrumental alot!!! But the chorus is too cutesy and shit hahaha. I could do without it. But I love Zin's voice, she's getting more shine this time around!! I can hear a little bit of JNEY in the chorus too! The song is ok, not my favorite.
Alone: More slower, this song is mid-tempo, I can feel the sadness, they sound really good but I absolutely HATE Ram's upper register!!!!!!!!!!!! She's so sqeaky and high it's ANNOYINGGGGGGG. She can sing really good I just hate her VOICE. It's so weird because when she speaks in her normal tone, her voice is soooooo deep, I don't understand. Anyways good song!!
Sleeping In pt 2 ft Taewan: This was released a couple of months ago which was completely unnecessary because they weren't promoting it or anything. Part 1 was on their first album and I kind of prefer it over this newer version although I like the instrumental. But apart from that it's a GREAT song!!
Scarecrow: I actually really like this song because it's different from what we normally hear from them but I love the instrumental because of the sadness and mid-tempo of it. Zin is a really good singer and she offers more than the sounds of Ram's squeaky high register. I mean Zin is really good and her voice stands out from the others.
Luv Me: I reviewed this when it came out and I love it!

Overall: JNEY isn't really relevant for this album, all of that media play for her being added to the group was unnecessary...did she even take part in the album??? Because a couple of these songs were made months ago...And then with the songs she is featured in she gets like a line...I think she was added last minute last minute for real...A part from that part 1 of the album is decent, nothing really stands out that much except for the Stay Alive song and perhaps their title song. All this hype with Zico and Jney was unnecessary but Zico is a good producer!!! I wish there was some hope for Block B...
Anyways, decent start, I want more from part 2 though because I'm not as impressed compared to their 1st album.

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