Wednesday, March 13, 2013

'Beautiful Kisses" G.Na Mini Album Review

The beautiful songstress of Cube is back with an even more sexier and mature concept with the title song 'Oops'. Hopefully this mini album gives me more than the album she came out with last year...
Oops ft Ilhoon of BtoB: This song is more of a duet with Ilhoon because we hear him alot along with G.Na. His adlibs were a tad bit annoying, I prefer that he do his rap and them move on. I LUH HIM, but come on...this is G.Na's song. As for the actual song, I like it alot!! At first I didn't care for the chorus but the repetition for "oops oops oops oops oops" made it really catchy!! The song isn't amazing and it doesn't do anything for me, but it's a nice chill pop song, not so in your face as 2Hot was.
The video is really pretty, I like the all white and bright backgrounds and the pink curtain silhouette but I could do without the story line. I was fine with the choreo and what not, but the storyline is a little confusing with the whole cat thing. I like the little pop it twerk choreo, even though G.Na doesn't have anything down there to show off, the choreo is def sexy! Decent song decent video.
Mind Sync ft Huh Gak: Once again the person that is featuring starts the song off instead of G.Na!! Anyways I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Huh Gak and it still shocks me that he's apart of Cube!! But the song is good and chill pop/r&b midtempo ballad. The transition into this song fits since "Oops" wasn't all that upbeat. I'm not that big of a fan of G.Na's nasally voice in her lower register. I love it when she belts and sings higher which she hasn't been giving us in a while...But the song is decent, I love Huh Gak!!
Oh, Good: We pick things up here, upbeat pop, it sounds like a typical title song from G.Na, it reminds me kind of of "Black and White". The song is cute and decent, I like the lyrics!
First Kiss: Softer and slower pop a little mid-tempo, her voice sounds good here!! I love it when her voice isn't so nasally it's annoying. With this song it shows off her vocal ability again that I was afraid she was losing...
Hate It, Can't Stand It: Her voice sounds amazing on this song!! It's a ballad and it's soft and she coos along up until the chorus with the climax and brings out her voice and let's go of that nasally voice. I love this song and she sounds amazing!!!

I'm not a huge fan of G.Na I just always loved 'I'll Back Off So You Can Live' when she first debuted because she always brought a western feel to her songs which set her apart from other solo artists with pop in Korea and she has a great voice! But ever since then, I've slowly lost interest in her and she has continued to disappoint me ever since. I continue to hold on hoping that she will return to that first style but now she doesn't offer me anything. Granted, I really do like "Oops" but it's not strong enough to love her. The mini album is consistent and it's better than what she has released previously. For fans of G.Na I'm sure you will love this album but her vocals and albums haven't touched me or done anything musically for me...

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