Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Collage" 3rd Album U-Kiss Review

U-KISS is back again!!!! Hopefully this time they will get recognized and win an award or something, but they keep coming out AT THE WRONG TIME!!! Seriously!
Step by Step (Intro): Dubstep intro, kind of useless 
Standing Still: Their title song and....IT IS THE BEST U-KISS SONG EVERRRRRRRRRRRR, it's is AMAZINGGGGG. It's not the typical pop song they usually do, it's different!! It's pop with guitar melodies and it's just AMAZING!!! It's GREATTTTTTTTTTTT. Seriously, I am VERY impressed with this song, it's REALLY FREAKING GOOD!!
Nice choreo, I could do without the eye makeup, brings back horrid memories lol.
Can't Breathe: The goodness continues, but they went back to the pop, electronic sound they normally produce. It's good, not my favorite and kind of a let down compared to just listening to the previous song, but it's REALLY good, just not ipod worthy on my ipod haha.
Missing You: I'm glad that Kevin no longer has that childish, teenage voice, like he can hold his ground with  Hoon and Soohyun. I love the harmony here, it's chill and but still uptempo, but a change a vibe compared to what we've been hearing.

Bad Person: I love their acapella beginning, a midtempo r&b/pop song. I love the start and stop to the chorus, it offers something different in terms of composition. The song is really good!!!!!

More Painful Than Pain: This is a duet between Soohyun and Hoon which I ALWAYS look to, the main vocalist of the group. It's a ballad of course and their voices are AMAZING, I wouldn't expect anything less. Great singer I LOVE their voices and they fit each other so well.

My Reason: This is Kevin's solo!!! He still has a youthfulness to his voice but he has improved SO MUCH since he debuted, he always had nice vocals, but now he's REALLY GOOD!! This is also a ballad and it's nice!

Party All The Time: Rappers duet between AJ and Eli minus Dongho though hahaha. Their vocals are decent too with AJ singing to match Eli but the song is kind of weak and the chorus is weak too haha. But it's  a fun get drunk party all the time song hahaha.

Sweety Girl: I hate the name that is NOT word so I don't know why Koreans use it in their songs but APART FROM THAT, the song is cute and fun. I like it! Their voices are chill but the song is very upbeat so I can't feel it all that much, I need more life in their vocals for this song but other than that it's a nice song.

Cause I Love You: I like the song, it's good! I love the composition of it!! They sound really good and lowkey and the rapping is really good!! Good song!

Overall: This is the best U-KISS has ever sounded, this is their best album and the best title song would def go to 'Standing Still' I'm not a huge U-Kiss fan but sometimes they have some really good songs! But for you die hard U-Kiss fans this is a great album and their best!!

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