Wednesday, March 13, 2013

'Expectation' Girl's Day First Album Review

I've always had my eye on Girl's Day ever since 'Nothing Lasts' came out and I've liked a few of their songs here and there, but since there's a lot of hype about the album and their sound/concept change I've decided to review their first album!!
Girl's Day World (Intro): Ayeee, you can twerk to it!! The intro definitely sets the tone for the album especially with the sexiness theme. They seem to be pushing sexy and maturity this time around to hopefully get more attention. I like the intro, I'm always game for a little twerking in the kpop world so kudos to this intro. It's really good!!!!
Expectation: Unfortunately I read Allkpop's review of the song so I already had a pre-conceived notion of what the song would sound like...and it definitely had Nicki Minaj's 'Pound The Alarm' and there...Luckily it's not redundant so you can't yell out PLAGIARISM but it almost made me want to cut the song off. I listen to 'Pound the Alarm' almost daily so this song did kind of turn me off. The instrumental however is really good, very westernized BUT they didn't deliver for me. It has ALOT of potential, the instrumental is really good, but because it's not special and because this genre is overplayed all around the world, it's a let down..They don't deliver. The song isn't very memorable but it is good even for
Typical video, nothing to it. The choreo is REALLY sexy, they have definitely upped their game for attention, I like it, but there's nothing special. Bland song, bland music video.
I Don't Mind: They slow it wayyyyyyyyyy down, it's a little r&b ballad, very sultry. Their soft voices are great it's a really good song!!!
Easy Go: I could do without the intro, it sounds really basic but the 'Easy Go' repetition makes it catchy, I love the guitar thing going on with the voices but their voices don't fit it, they sound off. It doesn't match with the instrumental. It's quite weak, it's a song that could've been kept in the vault. It's fun and catchy but very weak and basic, even with the lyrics. I only really like the instrumental...Whoever produced and composed this should be fired because the lyrics and their voices don't fit this...just....they sound all over the place and WEAK.
Don't Trust Her: I can't review this song because it's not out yet...
White Day: It's a nice soft pop song that was released a couple of weeks ago, but today is White Day in Korea!!! Cute!!! I wish we had something like that here in America but Valentine's Day works both ways for us. White Day in Korea is when the guys give the girls chocolate and gifts where as for Valentine's Day only the girl gives candy. This song fits the mood, it's cute and soft!
Cute, pretty, nice video and fitting!
Oh Great: Once again I can do without the English intro, they return back to their cutesy selves which they've been pushing for a couple of years. It's alright, just cutesy and upbeat and pop. Typical Girl's Day song...I like the music break electro thing during the rapping part, but that's it only because it offered something different...I honestly would've preferred that actually...

The rest of the songs are their old songs from years back excluding Nothing Last and that other irrelevant song they debuted with lol

Overall this album...yea...I don't care too much for it, it's weak, nothing memorable. If you're a fan of them, cool this album is great for you I guess. I don't understand how they would push the sexy concept and everything but then the majority of the songs on the album are TONED DOWN AND POP. The only song I honestly love is the freaking should tell you something...I don't think that's ever happened to me only like the intro song and not care for everything else on the album...I thought the 'I Don't Mind' was really good but not amazing. I keep hoping that Girl's Day would give me something like 'Nothing Lasts' and 'Twinkle Twinkle' but everything after that has just been...meh. Their other title songs are decent, they just don't appeal to me. But if you love Girl's Day, this album is for you!! There were alot of expectations...ha...but they didn't deliver on everything...just the title song...

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