Wednesday, March 27, 2013

'First Love' Lee Hi Part 2 Album Review

The last part of the album has been released and the music video for the title song will be out later on tonight. AMAZING ALBUMMMMMMMMM

Rose: This is the title song this time around's completely different from what she's been singing before. The actual lyrics and composition itself is sad and ballad like and AMAZING, but the upbeat pop instrumental doesn't necessarily fit together. But after listening to it a 2nd time I like it! I like it more than 'It's Over'...I think I see why they split the album up because this is a completely different vibe than the other album, but it still works for her. YG wants to show her versatility and showcase that she's not just a r&b/jazz singer however she sounds stronger on those type of songs.
This music video is PURE ART, it is amazing, beautiful, it can be interpreted in many ways. I like how they really make her a rose that's dangerous because roses do have thorns, I like this analogy. I love how they made her a wolf and everyone is hunting her down. I love the dancers surrounding her and the blood and roses, it's hauntingly beautiful. Once again YG proves it's supreme.
Fool: We return to the old school r&b/jazz vibe for Lee Hi, this song is amazing. Flawless, enough said. I just hate that they stacked her voice, not everyone sounds good on that that but her harmonies are everything. Love the song, so chill and laid back. When she sings in the upper register she doesn't overbear us with it. Very subtle. Love it.

Because: I love how she starts off the song with just her voice, then they add the piano, then guitar, then other sounds. It's so freaking perfect.

I'm Weird: Such a cute title, the song is perfect, subtle, acoustic and chill. It's just Lee Hi and her voice without all the extra sounds with this part of the album. It's great.

This album as a amazing. It's the best thing from YG since Gummy in terms of r& I'm amazed. I was worried after seeing the list of producers that they would make it sound too modern, but I'm glad they kept it very balanced. It's r&b/jazz/pop/ballad and it works perfectly. I love this album and I love her voice, absolutely flawless but I'm worried about her age. She has the voice of someone way older but she's 16, she doesn't have much experience so the lyrics would be empty since she's singing about love and all. But she pulls it off with emotions. She's not an amazing singer, but she can only grow from here. I can't wait to hear more from her!!

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