Wednesday, March 13, 2013

'Life' Mini Album Heo Young Saeng Review

I always try to keep up with all of the members from SS501 just because you never know what good material they have. I'm a fan of all of their music and I have all of their solo works when they first went solo. The 2nd time around some disappointed me and didn't live up their their first works. But I've decided to especially give Young Saeng another chance mainly because I think he can redeem himself after his 2nd solo mini album. I will forever jam 'Out The Club' lmao
Life: Pop upbeat, I think it serves as a great starter for the album. I like the instrumental and the sounds going on, I like the guitar riff repetition, I think his voice is a little to high during the verses but he sounds perfect in the chorus. His amazing vocal skills help alot with this song because the song is not THAT interesting but he makes it work. I like the way he stacks and his voice and harmonizes with himself and his falsetto is great. I like the composition of it and I like the random change and the drum beats accompanying it. I don't think is supposed to be all that GREAT because it's meant to just be a starter and introducing the album even if it isn't an actual 1 minute long intro. Great song but it's not amazing...
The Art of Seduction: At first I wasn't feeling the song...BUT IT'S REALLY GOOD!! It has that 80's disco modern kpop, Justin Timberlake vocal arrangements feel to it. It's great!! Fun and catchy! Very catchy actually haha. I can jam to it, doesn't beat 'Out The Club' but it's good too!
I love the video, it does the opposite of what the song is about, the girl does what any logical fangirl would do if her number 1 oppa showed up at her house. Haha, it's cute and quirky, I love the choreo, I love that Young Saeng is trying the role of the playboy even though it doesn't suit him and us SS501 fans know that but he does have his sexy moments. MMM. 
That's Me: The minute it started I fell in love, a mid-tempo ballad with pop/r&b Robin Thicke/Justin Timberlake vibes here. Very chill, his voice is amazing with these types of songs because that's what his voice is made for. He excels in ballads and slower songs because he has amazing vocal talent and I love his falsetto!! Love the song, very lowkey and relaxing. I'm imagining being on the beach with my man( I don't have a man T__T) on a hammock swaying during the sunset. It's that type of song. It's so good!! Love that a song can give me imagery. Great job!!
I Know All: I knew that he would close the album off with an upbeat pop song, it's fun but not as great as the other songs, it's the weakest song off the album but his voice is great!!

Overall, I love this mini album, it's really good and I know you fans of him will love this. I love it better than his other stuff but like I said 'Out the Club' is my ultimate jam and nothing shall replace it lmao. I think it's safe to say that Young Saeng doesn't have much of a clear presence as a solo artist with pop. He's good don't get me wrong, I think he's best at ballads and if he attempted that genre as a solo, he would do really good!! Same with some of the other members of SS501 except a few of them...particularly Kim Hyun Joong, I ALWAYS anticipate his stuff but the other members have good albums too. I just can't wait for them to return as 5 again after the military services...I'm ready now.
But this is a great album!!

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