Wednesday, March 20, 2013

'New Challenge' Infinite Mini Album Review

Infinite's backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk T___T I love them soooo much but I think their comeback was too soon. I'm STILL jamming to The Chaser and Infinite H's stuff soooo it's nice that they're coming back but I needed a longer break from them haha. And it doesn't help that they went back to their lighter fluffy cutesy image again. I DON'T WANT IT!! Even though 'Nothing's Over' was great...I...didn' it haha. Anyways...
Welcome To Our Dream (Intro): I've always LOVED Infinite intros...but this...doesn't...It's just carnival, Disney World Kingdom Hearts music lol...It doesn't set the tone for the album unless it's about carnival music which it isn't so.....I could do without this.
Man In Love: Of course I was expecting the 80's synthesizer theme because that's what they're best at...but...this song seems kind of recycled. Every Infinite title song always had something new to the genre and kept me interested. But this song...just doesn't do it for me. The instrumental is good and I like it, but it's kind of getting repetitive for me...They do amazing with this genre and they shouldn't change but it feels kind of bleh to me...I LOVEDDDDDDDDD 'The Chaser' and everything else they've done...but I'm not feeling it. But it's a good song, however I'm not a fan of  some of the members singing so high, particularly L and others like I prefer them to sing low...but other than that the song is great! I just don't care for it...
It's cute, super bright hahaha creative and not creative at the same time hahaha. BRIGHT haha. I could do without the last 2 minutes of the video though because they just replayed the song hahaha. But nice, love the choreo as usual.
As Good As It Gets: Continuing with the light hearted upbeat pop music, I enjoy this song though, I really like the composition of it during the chorus. It's different and I love the background music love it. I ALWAYS love the raps in Infinite like it's not so random and weird, Hoya and Dongwoo always pull off the vibe perfectly even though the song it so upbeat and pop haha. But I do like this song, it's fun and cute!!
Still I Miss You: Sooooooooooooo soothing and chilllllllllll. Perfect!!! Their voices mesh so great and I love their harmonies!!! It doesn't have all that noise at the beginning you just hear their voices and I love it. I do think Woohyun's voice was a bit overbearing given the vibe of the song during the chorus, too emotional hahaha, but other than that it's perfect. I love Sujong's voice he offers the lightness compared to the other members and his voice fits perfectly for this.
Beautiful: Upbeat 80's pop hahaha, Woohyun composed it and this is his first time so kudos to him, the song isn't bad. More soothing music but upbeat compared to the previous song. Not bad!!
60 Seconds: All of the 7 members for Sunggyu's solo haha. It's nice that they did this however it's to be expected. They've done this switch before but it's fine. I prefer only Sunggyu though, I liked Woohyun's added emotion to it but the other members didn't add much to it. But nice.
Inconvenient Truth: Omggggggggeeee they purposefully went for the 80's for this song because it just screams 80's pop, it's almost overbearing but the song is amazingly put together I can't hate it hahaha. It's a great song and sooo upbeat and catchy.

Honestly this is my least favorite Infinite album and title song. I feel like they went overboard with the 80's theme this time or maybe it's just me getting tired of them recycling themes haha. It is a good album however, Infinite continues to comeback with a different sound for kpop even though it is 80's pop. I can understand their growing popularity because their music makes you reminiscence about the 80's and that's great! They offer something different to the kpop world each time...But I'm starting to feel recycled stuff although it's not bad!! Don't hate me!!! I love Infinite I really freaking do, but this album just doesn't do it for me. I don't feel anything like I normally do with with their music, their last mini album was gold haha.
BUT this is Spring Time!! Their album fits perfectly with the season so I can understand why they came out now and with this bright concept, but hopefully maybe at the end of the year or something they can give me dark/emotional Infinite back.

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