Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Country Side Life" T-ara N4 Unit Single Album Review

T-Trash I MEAN sorry, T-ara is back and this time as a 4 member unit consisting of Eunjung, Hyomin Jiyeon and Areum because sub-units are all the rage in the kpop world. I am not anticipating this release nor have I ever liked T-ara's music but I do love "Roly-Poly" and "Lovey-Dovey" but that was before the scandal and Hwayoung got kicked out. ANYWAYS, I decided to review this and I will try not to be so negative about it. Don't bash me for my opinions. If you don't like what I post, don't comment however you are free to disagree with me.
Country Side Life: The song is a bit all over the place. It has the accordion, the saxophone and the electronic pop beat that is normally used with T-ara. There are certain parts of the song that I like, primarily the chorus. Everything is a bit...meh. It might grow on me. Maybe. If they had Hwayoung she might have been utilized effectively...or they might have bullied her more. The lyrics and vocals are boring, the instrumental is what drives it. Very basic song, nothing special about this sub-unit...normally sub-units bring something different from the actual group...but they didn't. So what was the point in this??
Drama ver. It was cute although I didn't get it at times. I liked all the actors they used!! I know them from dramas!! I love the choreography, that's probably the only reason why I would this on my ipod, to try to learn the dance.
Dance ver. They look extremely awkward in those clothes, they don't suit this style at ALL!! There was no purpose in dressing like this when the song doesn't fit the vibe of the song. When I saw their photo teasers, I thought they were going for a hip-hop, fierce vibe and I actually cared what the song would be like. But after hearing the song and seeing the other teasers, I just thought WTF. Eunjung looked REALLY awkward at moments during the dancing, Jiyeon didn't look fierce at all, Areum didn't get any air time until her solo which was about 10 secs long, the only one that matter was Hyomin. I'm not a Hyomin fan, I prefer Jiyeon, but Hyomin was giving me life. She was selling it to me, she was very charismatic and had personality. Everyone else couldn't sell me those clothes. I know everyone's talking about them being 2ne1/D-unit/Whoever the fuck has a fierce concept copycats, but they're right. This look doesn't suit them. 
As for the choreo, like I said I like it alot!!
Can We Love? ft Double Kick: More calm and chilling compared to the other song. Their rapping is quite bad...that's because they don't have Hwayong anymore. Way to go guys. It would've been better if they just sang their parts.
Country Life Electronic Mix: Nothing different.

Overall, this sub-unit was a waste. I think they did pick the right time to debut this song because summer is on it's way, they've come up with a fun song accompanied with fun choreo to make it a hit. I'm interested to find out with the Koreans think of the song. As for me...I will keep jamming to 'Roly-Poly' and 'Lovey- Dovey', sorry T-ara, just didn't do it for me.

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